Wood Watches for MenBeautiful and Unique

By | December 11, 2016

Womens wood watches

Watches never seem to go out of style or fall out of popularity. For some people, they are a necessary item, and for others, they are an attractive piece of jewelry that just happens to also provide a useful function. Studies show that nearly half of people between the ages of 20 and 24 wear a watch for fashion purposes, and 27% of people, all ages, wear their watches to accessorize.

It is a fact that 86% of people still own and wear wristwatches. They are constructed of many different types of material, the cases usually of some kind of metal or plastic. Watches made of metal will most times come with a backing of stainless steel. A watch can also be made of ceramic, titanium, white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, and many other materials as well. They can range in price from affordable to pretty much out of this world, depending upon the customer’s preferences and pocketbook!

The sundial is the first known method of telling time. It was fashioned by the Egyptians in 1500BC and was made to use shadows that fell on the device in sections in order to know the time. Water clocks were invented later and were said to be more accurate. Of course, these days, as technology has risen and increased throughout the years, there are an unlimited number of ways to tell time. Clocks and watches of all types are sold everywhere and there is not a household anywhere that is not equipped with several time telling devices.

Wood wristwatches are a very popular type of watch, unique and, for the most part, affordable. Different types of wood are used in the construction of an all wood watch, and there happen to be specifically available, wood watches for men, and wood watches for women. Wood watches can be made of many different kinds of wood. There are those made of walnut, which is a very hard wood and an excellent choice for durability, as well as woods such as maple, blackwood, and teak wood, among others. Wood watches for men are very popular because of their masculine appearance and durability. All styles are available and many are coupled with preferred metals laced throughout, such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver.

Hawaiian wood watches for men are usually made from Koa wood found on the Hawaiian islands. This is said to be a particularly dense wood which is necessary since the watches are painstakingly carved into separate links. The faces of these watches are specially constructed of precious metals such as silver, gold, and mother of pearl. A Hawaiian wood watch has even been made that shows the phases of the moon from the beginning of each month to the end. The Koa wood used in creating these wristwatches comes only from trees that are already dead or fallen. The manufacturer never cuts down the trees in order to use this wood in the creation of the watches.

Natural wood watches are an excellent choice for eco enthusiasts who are passionate about the environment. Its preservation does not include staining, painting, or harmful chemicals. The wood is all natural and retains the perfect looks it was created with.

There are many companies that specialize in wood watches for men as well as wood watches for women. An internet search will reveal any number of different manufactures who all offer a high quality selection of not only wood watches, but also other accessories crafted from wood. Along with watches come sunglasses, rings, bracelets, hair accessories, and even cufflinks. Specially made Christmas tree ornaments constructed of wood prove to be a delicate and beautiful addition to the season. Wine and martini glass stems made of natural wood are a unique gift for a wedding, a bridal shower, or any other befitting occasion. Among the unending list of wood products, wood watches for men rank among the most exclusive. Not only a beautiful time piece, but also an uncommon conversation piece, sure to be a terrific ice breaker anytime, anywhere.