Creating A Fall Themed Wedding

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The fall season is a popular time for weddings. It is a great time to get married because of the beautiful nature views that are common around that time. The leaves are beginning to change colors, there are beautiful, colorful leaves all over the ground and people tend to want to be cozier during this time. Fall offers bride to bes with many floral options, with a lot of beautiful flowers blooming just in time for fall. Fall often brings about rustic and bright orange and red colors, making for a cozy and creative wedding theme. Fall floral arrangements can be incorporated into a fall themed wedding in a variety of ways.

Most of the participants in the wedding party tend to carry some type of flower. The women carry bouquets down the aisle. The men wear small boutonnieres on their ja Continue reading

What Should You Look for in a Great Home Photographer? A Few Tips

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Did you know that 64% of homes shot with DSLR cameras sold within six months? By comparison, homes with photographs taken with a point-and-shoot camera only had a 46% six-month sell rate. The importance of professional photography, in this context, become obvious.

The money you save by avoiding photo style companies is quickly lost when it comes time to actually sell your home. Not only does professional photography help ensure that more people are interested in viewing your home — but great photographs can help your home sell for more money, period.

If you?re trying to sell your home and curious about what, exactly, makes great home photography, here?s a few things to keep in mind.

An Experienced Photographer Has a Portfolio

For this type of work, you?re not going Continue reading

The Best Way to Enjoy Paris

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Taking a vacation in Paris is a once in a life time experience, especially if you currently live in the United States! There is so much culture, history and things to do and see in just the one city, it would be impossible to fit it all in to one vacation. However, there is nothing wrong with trying! Paris shopping is of course, one of the main things that you have to check out. Paris is the fashion capital of the world and all the best trends come directly from there. You can get a glimpse of America’s future in fashion by simply perusing the Paris stores and seeing what’s on display. Let’s look at other things you can do while on vacation in Paris.

You will be needing to look into w Continue reading