The Best Way to Enjoy Paris

By | April 4, 2016

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Taking a vacation in Paris is a once in a life time experience, especially if you currently live in the United States! There is so much culture, history and things to do and see in just the one city, it would be impossible to fit it all in to one vacation. However, there is nothing wrong with trying! Paris shopping is of course, one of the main things that you have to check out. Paris is the fashion capital of the world and all the best trends come directly from there. You can get a glimpse of America’s future in fashion by simply perusing the Paris stores and seeing what’s on display. Let’s look at other things you can do while on vacation in Paris.

You will be needing to look into where you will stay, of course. There are some quaint bed and breakfasts that will give you a great feel of the Paris culture or there are luxury accommodations in Paris such as condos and apartments and even high class hotels if you really want to go all out. Try not to play to much importance on where you will stay however. This will inspire you to make sure you go out and see the sights every day. Lots of luxury rentals all over the world have great amenities but you don’t want to waste anytime that could be spent out in Paris itself.

Parisian cuisine is exquisite. While the cheese and wine are probably the most popular, along with the escargot, there are so many different things to choose from that you absolutely must try. If you are not a very experimental eater, that’s alright, there is still plenty to choose from. However, if you like to be a little adventurous, the French food offers many opportunities to step out of your comfort zone while on vacation in Paris and really experience everything that they have to offer to your taste buds.

Tourist Attractions
You’ll be in Paris, you are allowed to play the tourist card. Really, you can’t go to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museum. There’s nothing wrong with seeing all the typical tourist attraction sites. They’re tourist attractions for a reason. However, find out what time of day is best to see some of them. The Eiffel Tower for example, is great to go inside and to the top during the day, but the night time is when you want to see it from the outside. Especially when its lights first get turned on. They offer a short light show that is an absolute must see.

Things to Do With Kids
If you are bringing the whole brood to Paris then you will want to make sure you look into all the things they will find enjoyable also. While there is definitely a lot for them to be involved in, this can also be a downfall. It’s easy to get caught up when you’re on vacation in Paris and try and fit to much in to one day. Make a plan of a few things you’d like to see per day and don’t forget to bring snacks and includes breaks and nap times if necessary.

You’re bound to have a great time visiting Paris. One of the best things about a vacation there is that most museums and events are free for children. The average amount that a tourist will spend per day in Paris is around 60 euros. This is a great average compared to some of the other countries that require a much higher spending allowance. Even if you don’t have children, having a plan every day will help you to make sure you see and do everything that you want to without missing anything that you will realize later and regret that you missed. Make the most of your trip by doing all the research that you can before hand. This includes what kind of transportation you will use and how close to the city you want to stay. Having all of those things sorted out before hand will make your vacation run much more smoothly. Overall, do not let your vacation be stressful. Let it be a bonding and memory building experience that everyone can really enjoy.