What Should You Look for in a Great Home Photographer? A Few Tips

By | April 11, 2016

Photo culling service

Did you know that 64% of homes shot with DSLR cameras sold within six months? By comparison, homes with photographs taken with a point-and-shoot camera only had a 46% six-month sell rate. The importance of professional photography, in this context, become obvious.

The money you save by avoiding photo style companies is quickly lost when it comes time to actually sell your home. Not only does professional photography help ensure that more people are interested in viewing your home — but great photographs can help your home sell for more money, period.

If you?re trying to sell your home and curious about what, exactly, makes great home photography, here?s a few things to keep in mind.

An Experienced Photographer Has a Portfolio

For this type of work, you?re not going to want to hire your cousin who took a few photography courses in high school. You?re going to want to hire a professional who can prove their experience by showing you portfolios of their past work. A good photographer will not only take flattering photos of the homes in question — they?ll also be able to offer valuable tips on staging the shots in order to make your home look as great as possible.

They Will Employ Photo Retouching Services

Although photoshopping tends to have a negative connotation, in actuality it?s an important part of professional photography. These photography editing services aren?t about adding doors or windows where there are none — that would be false advertising. Instead, this is more about photo styling — making sure the color, contrast, and white balance of these photographs is ideal in order to make your home look truly inviting to those who view it. Many photography companies offer photo culling services for this reason.

An Appropriate Turnaround

If you?re looking to get photos for online advertisements for your home, you don?t want to wait three months to get the edited photos back. Look for companies that offer fast turnarounds on their photo culling services so that you can start showing off your home sooner, rather than later.

Ultimately, there’s no “right” or “wrong” answer to finding professional real estate photo editing. Just look for a professional with industry experience who can provide great photos for you on a reasonable timeline.