New Look, New You How a New Hair Style Can Completely Reinvent Who You Are

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Our hair is one of the most recognizable features about us, and for good reason. Just like how an artist envisions a masterpiece on a blank canvas, our hair is fertile ground for creativity, allowing a stylists at hair salons a near limitless array of possible looks. Color, depth, and style can completely transform one’s image; here are some facts on hair fashion to help the indecisive land on the perfect transformative experience from premiere beauty salons.

A Life of Fashion

According to research, the typical woman will have her hair layered, shortened, or colored twice a year between the ages of 13 and 65 — this adds up to around 104 times during her life! Of surveyed women, it is estimated that around 58% of women are planning to change their current hair style in the near future; of these women, 56% state that they intend on consulting with their hairdresser before committing to a new style. Although a haircut may seem like a simple endeavor, stylists must consider a variety of factors including skin tone, facial structure, and hair type as all of these can drastically influence the style’s outcome.

A Splash of Color

Thanks to an ever-growing market, there have never before been so many choices for hair color. Estimates suggest that women typically experiment with three different colors over the years while 25% of women change their shades up to five times. Nearly half of all women who change their hair style or color do so for the simple reason that they were bored with their former look; around 25% do so to reinvent themselves and try something new; and up to 38% of women change their style in order to feel more comfortable or confident with their appearance. Although professional hair coloring salons now offer the entire spectrum of colors, hair coloring salons report that dark brown remains the color of choice for up to 56% of women despite idealized claims that blondes have the most fun!

Marking Milestones

Our lives are defined by specific moments, many women choose to commemorate such moments by switching up their style, marking a change in their life. Around 16% of women decide to get a new hair cut or color to mark some kind of milestone birthday such as their 18th or 21st birthday. Motherhood marks a significant transition in a woman’s life, as such it makes sense that around 15% of women treat themselves to a new look before or after giving birth. On the other hand, many women enjoy the boost of confidence offered by a trip to the hair coloring salon: for this reason nearly a third of women change styles or hair colors following a breakup or a divorce. Perhaps one of the most significant reasons to have your hair styled, a vast majority of women have their hair professionally done in preparation for their wedding day. No matter the occasion, ensure that you have a trusted and professional hair stylist to call upon for all your hair fashion needs!

Want To Change Your Hair? A Few Things To Keep In Mind

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Contrary to the beliefs of some, hair has never been about “simple appearances”. For most people, hair has long been a way to express personality and confidence. Indeed, hair has become deeply associated with cultural identities and personal ones as well. With that being said, it’s not as if hair can simply be treated as you would a piece of clothing. It’s delicate, and can be easily damaged — sometimes on a permanent level. People should be able to change their hair as they wish, but they are constrained by the necessities of healthy hair care. Luckily, many hair stylists are now able to help people of various hair types get the looks they want without sacrificing comfort or hair health. And this doesn’t just go for people with the fine, straight hair that many hair care ads are aimed towards. Whether you’re black or white, Hispanic or Asian, there are options for styling and caring for your hair. And as you’ll see below, no matter how specific your desires, there is likely something that will appeal to you. Jut let the stylist take the rein and guide you down the path to hair perfection!

From Weaves To Extensions: Changes With Commitment

It’s true that for some, short hair styles are the best options possible. And if short hair is your thing, you should absolutely go for it. Then again, there are some with short hair — or certain hair textures — who want to try something new. In that case, a weave or hair extensions could bring the answers you want. Let’s look at weaves first. Weaves are very popular in the black community, though they certainly aren’t limited to that community by any means. It’s estimated that six out of 10 black customers use weaves, hair extensions, or wigs. This isn’t to say that their natural hair texture is “unworkable” or at all undesirable. Your hair is beautiful, no matter what texture it is or how much of it you have. Some people just want a change — hair extensions, wigs, weaves, and more just offer temporary changes. It’s believed that the average woman has over 104 different hairstyles over the course of her lifetime; why shouldn’t she be able to try something different for a while without committing to it permanently? Of course, some people want to change not only the color but texture of their hair in a more permanent way. And with the right stylist at work, that is certainly possible.

Relaxers And More: Changing The Texture And Look Of Your Hair

Sometimes, women want to make a slightly more permanent change to the texture of their hair. Again, this isn’t due to shame. Most just feel like a change. There is no permanent way to change the texture of your hair, but you can temporarily change it with tools and treatments. Most women don’t want to — or can’t — work every day to straighten their hair if it’s curly or wavy. Relaxers — treatments that “relax” the natural texture of hair” — are extremely popular due to their semi-permanent effects. They last a long time, while still allowing the hair to return to its natural texture eventually. Again, a truly permanent commitment to any hairstyle or type is not advisable. Chances are that you’ll change your mind about your hair sooner or later, no matter how beautiful it is! Still, relaxers are highly popular, especially among black women. They’re estimated to represent 21% of the black haircare market, with expenditures at $152 million.

You don’t have to know what you want to do with your hair. If you aren’t certain, talk to a stylist. If you’re really bold, you might want to let a stylist handle your hair on their own, doing what they please. No matter what you end up doing with your, make sure that it reflects who you are!

How to Pick the Best Boots For Your Job

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When it comes to your job, there is no room for error or any circumstances that could lead to error. This includes pain and discomfort, and goes triple for jobs like police work, construction work, and other occupations where people’s lives or a building’s integrity is on the line.

And the place where comfort and effectiveness most matters — your feet. There is nothing worse than having your feet in pain or discomfort, especially when you have to be on them for extended periods of time. That’s why there are steel toe boots, waterproof boots, and side zip technology available so that your work boots can keep up with your long hours and the strains of your occupation, ultimately to protect your feet.

But how can you best choose the right boots for the job? Ask yourself these three questions to find out:

Where Do You Work?
Do you work outside or inside? Do you work in a cold climate or a warm climate? Is the ground wet and swampy or is it dry and sandy? These are some questions to ask yourself in order to best determine exactly what type of shoes you need for the job.

What Do You Do?
Perhaps you spend a lot of time standing at a post — in that case, comfortable boots are essential. Whereas if you were constantly climbing, lifting, and walking, steel toed boots might be best in order to ensure that your toes and feet were protected from any accidents.

Are There Safety or Dress Regulations?
You may have to adhere to a dress code, in which case you would have to get boots of the same color, style and material that is appropriate for your employer and position. But style and comfort don’t have to be mutually exclusive — you may be able to find comfortable tactical boots that fit the bill!

Whatever your job, remember that it is always important to protect your feet. Without them, you certainly wouldn’t be able to do your job, and it will be much easier to do so if you are in the most possible comfort.

Donating Clothes To Charity The Visible Benefits

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You’d be amazed by how easily your home can get cluttered. One minute you’re relaxing within your clean home — the next you’re surrounded by a mess that didn’t seem to be there recently. Clutter isn’t as bad as true filthiness, of course. But it does take up space in your home that could otherwise be used to accommodate things you actually need and want. How does clutter happen? Well, much of the time the presence of clutter can be linked to clothes. Clothes are items that can clutter so easily. We buy clothes because we need them — but we also buy them because we want them. This leads to impulse buys of clothes we won’t actually wear. Clothes also become unwearable fairly quickly. Often, people outgrow clothes or damage them without thinking. Another issue that often occurs with clothes is that of trend. Trends come in and out of style. Clothes that seemed attractive and flattering a few years ago may be out of style now. Either way, you can clear up clutter and do a lot of good through getting rid of your unwanted clothes. We aren’t talking about throwing them away. We’re talking about turning unwanted clothes into charitable donations. Charitable donations don’t just help people in need — they help the world at large. And this is a big thing to take into consideration.

Clothing Donations: Benefits Beyond The Basics

Obviously, there are many different benefits to making charitable donations. The fact is that when clothes are thrown away, people run the risk of their clothes ending up in landfills. This has a major negative effect on the environment. Overall, it’s estimated that 90% of clothes thrown away in the United States could have been reused or recycled in some way. Indeed, 12 million tons of clothing are thrown away in the U.S. each year. Clothes really don’t need to be thrown away, and they are not as convenient to throw away as other forms of “trash”. Many clothing items thrown away aren’t damaged or stained in any way. They’ve just been outgrown, or are unwanted by their owners. Something as simple as not taking the time to donate clothes can have a major environmental impact. At the same time, it’s easy to understand why, for some people, making charitable donations seems to be a bit of a hassle. Luckily, many different charities are looking to make it easier for people to make donations.

Charitable Donations: Easier To Do Than You Think

Did you know that about 80% of donated clothing in the U.S. goes on to benefit, in one way or another, the needy? This is a major factor to consider when it comes to donating clothing. At the same time, many people feel guilty because they aren’t donating — simply because donating clothes is not accessible for them. It’s true that donating clothing requires making a certain amount of effort. For people who live far away from charities, this can be a difficult thing to do at all. Luckily, charities are making donating clothes easier. All you have to do is gather up your clothes and have them ready for pickup. Clothes can also be donated at dropoff locations. This just takes a little bit of stress off of people who just want to do the right thing and donate clothes to charity.

Donating Clothes To Charity: Its Real Effect

You’ll see the effect of donating clothes to charity in your own home. The less clutter is in your home, the more comfortable it will be. And there is a real effect for the people benefiting from the charity. This could include disabled people, the homeless, and much more. They really need it. If you no longer need your old clothes — or even want them — why not give them to a charity that could turn them into something good? With the benefits of charities being undeniable at this point, you have nothing to lose — and everything to give.

Taking Your Company to New Heights

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The technological advancements that we have seen, even in the last few decades, have done wonders to propel us into a new age of interconnectivity and efficiency when it comes to business related endeavors. While there was a time in the not so distant past that meant business needed to be conducted within short distances if it was going to be conducted in a timely manner, we can now connect any business anywhere with essentially any other city in the world. The continued development of the telephone, to the point that two people on opposite sides of the planet can be face to face with the touch of a button makes important meetings possible from anywhere. And beyond that, the means by which we travel and conduct business in different locations has changed as well. With options like jet charter services, work can even be done in the air.

Have you thought about the beauty of air travel?
More people are flying now, for every reason. Family vacations, exploration and adventure travel, moving to a new location, and of course business trips. Air travel is safe and fast, and when given the proper thought, still as amazing and as thrilling as when the first aircraft first lifted a human being off of the ground and into the air. The magic of being able to quickly transport people around the globe may be lost on those who have come to see it as standard or those who take for granted all of the work that once went into that amazing invention. But for those who can truly see it for the incredible feat that it is, lifting an enormous machine up and through the sky, miles above the planet we are usually confined to by gravity, the awe and wonder remain strong.

How a jet charter service can help your business

Jet charter services are quite different from a lot of the flights that many people have experienced in their lifetimes. While many flight services and companies look to sell flights to potential flyers by the seat, a jet charter service will look for potential customers in businesses and companies that are in need of private jet charters, or the use of the entire aircraft for employees or other individuals involved in the business. When a business looks to charter a jet plane, they are looking at a number of different benefits. Charter flights will often go in and out of over 5,000 public airports across the country, which is over 100 times the options available to commercial airlines, so the chances that you will be able to charter a flight for your company to exactly where you need to go are pretty good.

Why charter plane services are preferred
There are an average 8 million people flying every single day. Air travel is popular, and thus commercial airlines are typically heavily populated. Anyone who has been in an airport recently or on a commercial flight can attest to the fact that it can be a bit uncomfortable. Charter services eliminate that discomfort, and in fact add an element that even allows for better productivity for your employees. In one survey, findings showed that people felt that they were about 20% more productive when on a company plane than they were when working in the regular office. And those business travelers who attempted to get some work done when they flew commercially felt that they were about 40% less productive.

There are ways to get where you need to go that do not mean being cramped, hot, or otherwise uncomfortable. The idea of tackling some of the days work from miles above the ground will definitely give you a feeling of rising above all of the problems that might try to interfere.

Leather Belts for Men — Understanding Types and Quality of Leather

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If you are a man with a heightened sense of fashion, it is likely that you like to flaunt your leather wearables and accessories on a daily basis. Leather is extremely popular in America, so much so that estimates show that an average consumer wears up to four leather products at a given point of time. Indeed, the use of leather has been extensive in fashion and home decor circles for many decades, and fashion conscious men route=nely purchase items like leather totes, leather briefcases, leather keychains and leather belts for men. If you are a belt aficionado and love sporting your favorite look of leather on a daily basis, the first thing you need to do is build a collection of the right leather belts for men.

When it comes to leather belts, many people know how to properly take care of them. Leather is known to be susceptible to the elements, and needs just the right humidity and temperature to preserve properly. For example, leather is a magnet for dirt and oils, which is why it needs periodical cleaning and handling with clean hands. On the other hand, keeping your leather items in a low humidity environment for prolonged times can lead to them becoming dry and desiccated, which changes their fibrous structure irreversibly. All this points to the fact that leather needs to be taken care of. But, do you know what to buy in the first place? Are you aware of the different forms and qualities that leather is available in? This knowledge is essential when it comes to buying new leather belts for men, and the points below can point you at the right direction.

Grading Types of Leather and Their Qualities

Buying leather belts for men involves deciding at first on the quality quotient, and purchasing the kind of leather that fits your use case scenario the best. The process of manufacturing leather involves quite a few different parameters, and according to the process used and the quality of raw materials involved, leather as the material choice for things like bags, wallets and belts can actually be graded into certain types. You have probably heard of terms like split leather, corrected grain leather or full grain leather, but to understand their differences and to be able to make the right purchasing decisions, a little more detailed knowledge is important.

To start off with, there is the least durable and cheapest option, commonly known as faux leather. This material is actually not leather at all, but a kind of polymer that tries to replicate its look and feel. If you are looking for belts that you won’t use for long durations, or would frequently swap out, this might be a good option.

Getting into actual leather territory we have things like bonded leather, which consists of gluing and pressing together scrap leather to create something which looks and feels like a continuous leather surface. Cheaper and less durable than genuine leather, this can be a good low-cost alternative.

Genuine leather belts for men tend to come in two categories, and the less expensive of the two is top-grain leather. Here, the manufacturers might use scrap leather as a filling, but create the outer surface out of high quality, full grain leather. Cost-effective and durable, these can last long and give you great value for money.

The highest quality of leather is full-grain leather, which includes the best naturally occurring leather parts that can be found. These often contain natural figurings and blemishes, which increase their appeal. Leather belts for men created out of full-grain leather are usually the most expensive variety, but can deliver the best looks and performance of the lot, and last you for decades with the right kind of care.

Now that you know the different qualities of leather you can expect in commonly found leather products, their advantages and their price points, you can make a more informed decision when the time comes to go shopping for your favorite leather accessories. With the right product, you can best fit your use case scenario and end up with a good value product which serves you well.