New Look, New You How a New Hair Style Can Completely Reinvent Who You Are

By | August 29, 2016

Hair extension salon

Our hair is one of the most recognizable features about us, and for good reason. Just like how an artist envisions a masterpiece on a blank canvas, our hair is fertile ground for creativity, allowing a stylists at hair salons a near limitless array of possible looks. Color, depth, and style can completely transform one’s image; here are some facts on hair fashion to help the indecisive land on the perfect transformative experience from premiere beauty salons.

A Life of Fashion

According to research, the typical woman will have her hair layered, shortened, or colored twice a year between the ages of 13 and 65 — this adds up to around 104 times during her life! Of surveyed women, it is estimated that around 58% of women are planning to change their current hair style in the near future; of these women, 56% state that they intend on consulting with their hairdresser before committing to a new style. Although a haircut may seem like a simple endeavor, stylists must consider a variety of factors including skin tone, facial structure, and hair type as all of these can drastically influence the style’s outcome.

A Splash of Color

Thanks to an ever-growing market, there have never before been so many choices for hair color. Estimates suggest that women typically experiment with three different colors over the years while 25% of women change their shades up to five times. Nearly half of all women who change their hair style or color do so for the simple reason that they were bored with their former look; around 25% do so to reinvent themselves and try something new; and up to 38% of women change their style in order to feel more comfortable or confident with their appearance. Although professional hair coloring salons now offer the entire spectrum of colors, hair coloring salons report that dark brown remains the color of choice for up to 56% of women despite idealized claims that blondes have the most fun!

Marking Milestones

Our lives are defined by specific moments, many women choose to commemorate such moments by switching up their style, marking a change in their life. Around 16% of women decide to get a new hair cut or color to mark some kind of milestone birthday such as their 18th or 21st birthday. Motherhood marks a significant transition in a woman’s life, as such it makes sense that around 15% of women treat themselves to a new look before or after giving birth. On the other hand, many women enjoy the boost of confidence offered by a trip to the hair coloring salon: for this reason nearly a third of women change styles or hair colors following a breakup or a divorce. Perhaps one of the most significant reasons to have your hair styled, a vast majority of women have their hair professionally done in preparation for their wedding day. No matter the occasion, ensure that you have a trusted and professional hair stylist to call upon for all your hair fashion needs!