By | September 15, 2016

Waterproof hiking boots for men

Walking is an activity that is well-loved by many. It is a physical activity that is engaged in by 6-10 adults in one single week for at least ten minutes. Over 145 million adults have chosen walking as their exercise of choice in order to keep a healthy lifestyle. As people have become more conscious of both their physical and mental health, a great number have put their feet to the pavement, so to speak, and have taken up walking as the road to their well-being.

Imperative to this aerobic activity is a good pair of shoes! Men, for example, when spending time walking and hiking, need to be wearing a good pair of mens waterproof walking shoes. By the same token, when women engage in the physical activity of walking, they should be wearing womens waterproof walking shoes. A very important fact to think about when shopping for shoes that are going to be waterproof and sturdy is that heavy does not necessarily mean better! It is said that when wearing heavy shoes, a person is adding weight to his or her back, which will slow them down. Heavy shoes will cause extra exertion and drain energy.

When choosing a pair of mens waterproof walking shoes, attention should be paid to the weight of the shoes and their ability to breathe. These points are important for women when choosing a pair of womens waterproof walking shoes as well. Thought should be given to where they will be worn most of the time, on concrete or maybe on a dirt road, and the shoes should be chosen accordingly. Running shoes are also good for walking; however, running shoes have more of a cushion on the heel which aren’t necessary for walking. Trail walking shoes are also suggested for walking, especially in the bad weather. In addition to being waterproof, they offer good support and their breathability makes for quick drying time.

Prices for waterproof walking shoes these days are generally in the $50.00 range. Statistics say that people should replace their shoes about every six months, or every 350 to 400 miles in order to keep the health of their feet up to par. Different activities require different types of shoes. For instance, men who enjoy hiking will need mens hiking boots that will fit not only their feet, but also the type of terrain they will be hiking on, the weather, the weight of their backpack, and the distance they will be hiking. Different boots will fit different needs.

There are daytime hiking boots for men and daytime hiking boots for women. These will differ from hiking sandals and casual hiking boots. When choosing any kind of shoes for different types of physical fitness, it is well worth the while of the shopper to research the features they will need in the shoes they pick. When checking the fit of the shoe, the rule of thumb is to be sure there is a 1/2 inch of space between the end of the longest toe and the shoe. The shoe needs to fit snuggly without being tight. There needs to be room for socks in the colder weather, but the shoe cannot be too loose without the bulk of socks when the socks aren’t worn.

Leather is a common material used in the manufacture of hiking boots. Leather boots are excellent for longer hiking trips and for carrying more equipment. They are on the heavier side and extremely durable for long hikes through a rougher terrain. There are several different types of leather used to construct hiking boots. They are usually waterproof, and there is even a vegan leather boot made with no animal by products. Something for everyone! More on this. References.