6 Reasons You Need Charities That Pick Up Donations for Your Clothes

By | September 21, 2016

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Were you thinking about just throwing away your old clothes? Well, this could be a harmful thing to do to the environment. 12 million tons of clothing winds up in landfills every single year. Since clothes don?t degrade quickly, they pile up endlessly in the landfills.
Because of this, many people are becoming aware of the importance of hiring charities that pick up donations to come pick up their old clothing items. Doing this serves as a way to protect the planet against the harmful effects of pollution and a list of other potentially harmful effects.

Reduce Greenhouse Gases

If you want to be proactive in the environment and support the environmental-friendly lifestyle, then you will be interested to know that you could reduce greenhouse gases by giving your clothes to charity. Charity donations prevent the landfills from filling up with these clothes.
Clothes that pileup in landfills are biodegradable and should be able to process itself naturally. However, with the lack of oxygen found in landfills, the clothes natural organic compounds are unable to breakdown naturally. This leads to the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases because is decomposes through anaerobic digestion instead of the natural breakdown processes.

Save Valuable Landfill Space

At the current rate, landfills are going to fill up and we are going to have no clue on how to resolve these issues. In order to combat that issue now, people who believe in being environmental-friendly must step up to the plate and help with preventative measures. Charitable clothing donations are able to help with reducing the landfill space being taken. Getting charities that pick up donations can save up to 100 million pounds of clothes over a decade. This is equivalent to removing around 30,000 cares from the road.

Conserve Energy

Clothing is not easy to make and requires a massive amount of energy to produce at the rates the world?s population is growing. By sending a charity donation, you can help reduce the amount of energy spent on producing clothes. Recycling clothes means others can wear it and enjoy it the way you did. Charities that pick up donations are also energy conservatives.

Benefits the Growth of Developing Countries

Do you want to help the world economic crisis ? specifically in the third world? While you can?t single-handedly do it on your own, many charities that pick up donations also offer their clothes to third-world countries. Looking into the donation pick up charity that is going to take your clothes will help you figure out who your clothes are going to.

Help Save a Planet and Hire Charities that Pick up Donations for Clothing

If you want to save the planet and be part of the cause, looking into charities that pick-up donations may be an ideal way for you. Charity donations for clothing is imperative for standing up for Mother Nature. Research online and see which charities that pick up donations works best for you.