Want To Change Your Hair? A Few Things To Keep In Mind

By | August 24, 2016

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Contrary to the beliefs of some, hair has never been about “simple appearances”. For most people, hair has long been a way to express personality and confidence. Indeed, hair has become deeply associated with cultural identities and personal ones as well. With that being said, it’s not as if hair can simply be treated as you would a piece of clothing. It’s delicate, and can be easily damaged — sometimes on a permanent level. People should be able to change their hair as they wish, but they are constrained by the necessities of healthy hair care. Luckily, many hair stylists are now able to help people of various hair types get the looks they want without sacrificing comfort or hair health. And this doesn’t just go for people with the fine, straight hair that many hair care ads are aimed towards. Whether you’re black or white, Hispanic or Asian, there are options for styling and caring for your hair. And as you’ll see below, no matter how specific your desires, there is likely something that will appeal to you. Jut let the stylist take the rein and guide you down the path to hair perfection!

From Weaves To Extensions: Changes With Commitment

It’s true that for some, short hair styles are the best options possible. And if short hair is your thing, you should absolutely go for it. Then again, there are some with short hair — or certain hair textures — who want to try something new. In that case, a weave or hair extensions could bring the answers you want. Let’s look at weaves first. Weaves are very popular in the black community, though they certainly aren’t limited to that community by any means. It’s estimated that six out of 10 black customers use weaves, hair extensions, or wigs. This isn’t to say that their natural hair texture is “unworkable” or at all undesirable. Your hair is beautiful, no matter what texture it is or how much of it you have. Some people just want a change — hair extensions, wigs, weaves, and more just offer temporary changes. It’s believed that the average woman has over 104 different hairstyles over the course of her lifetime; why shouldn’t she be able to try something different for a while without committing to it permanently? Of course, some people want to change not only the color but texture of their hair in a more permanent way. And with the right stylist at work, that is certainly possible.

Relaxers And More: Changing The Texture And Look Of Your Hair

Sometimes, women want to make a slightly more permanent change to the texture of their hair. Again, this isn’t due to shame. Most just feel like a change. There is no permanent way to change the texture of your hair, but you can temporarily change it with tools and treatments. Most women don’t want to — or can’t — work every day to straighten their hair if it’s curly or wavy. Relaxers — treatments that “relax” the natural texture of hair” — are extremely popular due to their semi-permanent effects. They last a long time, while still allowing the hair to return to its natural texture eventually. Again, a truly permanent commitment to any hairstyle or type is not advisable. Chances are that you’ll change your mind about your hair sooner or later, no matter how beautiful it is! Still, relaxers are highly popular, especially among black women. They’re estimated to represent 21% of the black haircare market, with expenditures at $152 million.

You don’t have to know what you want to do with your hair. If you aren’t certain, talk to a stylist. If you’re really bold, you might want to let a stylist handle your hair on their own, doing what they please. No matter what you end up doing with your, make sure that it reflects who you are!