Find Your Shoes, Find Your Style

Designer lace up shoes

When a man is a well-dressed man, he is someone who has taken a great deal of time to put himself together. Even in the most casual clothes, he has taken the time to know exactly what to put on in order to display his own unique style. A nice pair of leather dress shoes, Italian loafers, or even a pair of artisan shoes paired with a wide leather belt can really show a man off.

Men’s dress shoes are not quite as dominant as the market is for women; they only account for 6% of the shoe market. High end mens shoes can bring in a hefty price, mainly because of some of the e Continue reading

How the Disposable Plastic is One of the Worst Things to Happen to the Environment

Wine bags bulk

As the old saying goes sometimes the writing is on the wall when it comes the fate of the planet, the writing is becoming more and and more clear, there are serious environmental issues that we will need to address in a timely fashion. One of the biggest problems that face the upcoming generation is the proliferation of waste. Even though we all grew up hearing that you have to recycle and reuse, many people still have a disposable mentality when it comes to the products that they choose. It is estimated that most plastic bags are used for a mere 25 minutes before being thrown away. This stat might surprise you, but the fact that the average plastic bag can take from between 15 to a 100s of years before it completely decomposes should make the scale of the problem all too apparent.

Disposable Continue reading

Do You Feel Safe When You Are at Work?

High visibility safety jackets

If your feet touch the street, you need to make sure that you are seen.
Whether it means a high visibility hooded pullover sweatshirt and a pair of reflective pants or breathable reflective rain gear, construction workers know that their safety on the job depends on the clothes that they wear, as well as the safety of the driving public.

The orange safety vest is supposed to be a signal to drivers, whether they are on the road in town or out on the country roads. Because road worker often takes place right along side the traffic, the Work safety can be a challenge if you are on a road wor Continue reading

Custom T-Shirt Printing Services A Great Way to Promote Your Business or Event

Promo t shirts

Americans love their cotton, especially when it’s in the form of a T-shirt. In fact, 95% of people in the United States wear T-shirts, and in many cases, own more than 10.

When you use screen printing services, there are so many options for what can be displayed on this popular item of clothing. In addition to being one of the best media to promote products, services, and events, they also make great formal or informal club uniforms.

Just one recent trend is for guests to wear matching T-shirts at special events such as bachelor, birthday, and retirement parties. T-shirts are also a great way to share and promote ideas as well as to remember Continue reading

Three Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Clothes To Charity

Helping families in need

Americans accumulate so many clothes over the course of their lives. Our levels of consumption have only increased over the past century or so. For example: in 1930, the typical American woman owned about nine different outfits. Now, the typical Americans woman owns about 30 different outfits; that is, a different one for each day of the month. The issue with this is that often we end up with more clothes than we need, and at the end of the day this results in a lot of waste. This is because most of us will eventually outgrow our clothes. This could apply to you literally outgrowing them — or simply not wanting to wear them anymore due to changing trends. With that being said, you don’t have to necessarily throw your clothes away. Rather, you could take the clothes you don’t want anymore and Continue reading