Three Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Clothes To Charity

By | March 6, 2017

Helping families in need

Americans accumulate so many clothes over the course of their lives. Our levels of consumption have only increased over the past century or so. For example: in 1930, the typical American woman owned about nine different outfits. Now, the typical Americans woman owns about 30 different outfits; that is, a different one for each day of the month. The issue with this is that often we end up with more clothes than we need, and at the end of the day this results in a lot of waste. This is because most of us will eventually outgrow our clothes. This could apply to you literally outgrowing them — or simply not wanting to wear them anymore due to changing trends. With that being said, you don’t have to necessarily throw your clothes away. Rather, you could take the clothes you don’t want anymore and turn them into something positive by making charitable donations for non profit organizations. Clothes donations for non profit organizations are some of the most preferred types of donations by many charities. This is because clothes are easily resold to raise money. For that matter, many people who don’t benefit directly from these charities still appreciate being able to buy clothes from them. Charities typically sell used clothes at very affordable prices, making it easier for people with lower incomes to buy nice clothes. But of course, donating clothes to charity can donation not just the charity and its beneficiaries, but you as well. Below, we’ll list a few reasons why you should consider donating your used clothes to charity.

1. It’s Good For The Environment

Many people don’t yet know the full extent to which charitable donations can help the environment. It’s subtle; charitable donations are helpful in that they prevent things from being thrown away. Throwing away your clothes without a second thought is easy — but in the long term, it means that your old clothes end up in a landfill. According to recent studies, the average person generates about 4.5 pounds of trash each day, which accumulates into 1.5 tons of trash each year. A lot of that trash could very well be made up by used clothes. Each year, the typical American throws away 82 pounds of textiles. This is despite the fact that textiles can be easily recycled. Perhaps one of the simplest ways of recycling textiles is simply turning them into donations for non profit organizations.

2. There Can Be Tax Benefits

Not all charitable donations can be turned into tax write-offs. But if you talk to an accountant, you may find that your charitable donations can benefit you when it comes time for your tax returns. The fact is that the government wants you to make charitable donations, and will therefore make it easier for you by ensuring that you get something in return. While not all clothing donations will result in tax benefits, you may be surprised by what you find when you ask. Charitable donations for non profit organizations result in, at the very least, positive feelings. Adding a monetary to the mix only makes the idea more appealing to many people. Certainly, there are far more benefits to donating clothes versus simply putting them for sake online, where it’s unlikely that they’ll be sold.

3. It’s Easier Than Ever

Many people decide against donating clothes because they don’t have the time. It can be difficult to gather up all of your clothes and take them to a charity site. Luckily, charities have taken this to heart and have made it, in recent years, much easier to donate clothes. They do this through convenient drop off sites. Some charities even have pickup systems. Drop off sites are places where you can drop off your donations and then drive on. Pickup systems actually schedule pickups, meaning that all you have to do is have your clothes ready to go, and someone will be ready to get the,.