Best Gifts For Young Men Graduating College

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If you know a young man graduating from college, you might be thinking about what wonderful gift to give them. Graduating from college is no easy task, especially if they graduated with honors or had to balance both work and school while they were attending, which can be very difficult. Graduating is a huge accomplishment and a milestone in a young man’s life, and deserves a great gift.

As with all gifts, it can be difficult picking out a good one. We always worry if the person receiving the gift will like it and if they will use the gift. If you have a son, brother, boyfriend, nephew, or other special person graduating from college and would like to get them a wonderful gift but need help with ideas, we’re here. From luxury watches for men to handsome messenger bags, these gifs not only look stylish but are also very practical.

1. A really nice watch

Your special young man is going out into the world and searching for a job or continuing his education, and designer watches or vintage watches can be a very nice gift for them. Every man can use a watch, especially if he plans on pursuing a career in an office or a setting with a lot of meetings or strict deadlines. A nice watch can be a very handsome touch an outfit for a man, and he will really like it. Luxury watches for men are always a great gift, especially for college graduates.

2. An engraved pen

Another great and practical gift is a nice fountain pen, which can be engraved to have either his name on it, his initials or a quote for him to remember as he continues through his life. He can use it while at work, can keep it in a coat or jacket pocket for everyday use, and can just serve as a classy touch when he dresses up for a special event or for a business casual event.

3. A nice laptop bag or messenger bag

A nice laptop or messenger bag is great for a young man who is going to start his first job out of college, especially if he needs to carry around a laptop, tablet, books, or other materials. These bags are very nice for men to carry around and look very stylish. They are perfect for young men continuing in college, or for those who are looking to teach. They can hold a lot of weight and ensure that your special young man will be able to carry around all of the belongings he needs for his professional career.

As you can see, there are many nice gifts you can give a young man graduating college. There are luxury watches for men, engraved pens in a variety of colors and finishes, and messenger bags. Designer watches for men as well as classic watches are made even more special when they are engraved with a message in the back.

What gift are you thinking about giving your college graduate? Let us know in the comments below!

Keeping Up With Fashion Trends Can Be Tiring Here Are Some Timeless Looks That Never Fade

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Sometimes it feels impossible to keep up with fashion trends.

Like the leaves in the fall they come and go, if they’ve ever arrived, and that scarf or jacket you bought may seem downright old-school before your very eyes. It’s times like these it’s worth looking at clothes that never seem to age. Robert Graham is one of many brands that offer stylish and simple apparel that remains constant no matter which bandwagons are getting the most traction. Whether you’re looking for fashionable accessories or want to completely transform your seasonal attire so you look stunning no matter the temperature outside, you’ll want to keep reading.

Today’s American Fashion

Before we dive into Robert Graham apparel and fun fashion ideas, let’s get a bigger picture on today’s American fashion. As of today the United States boasts the largest worldwide apparel market. Back in 2015 the market was valued at an astonishing $400 billion, a number that isn’t expected to dip as fashion plows forward as one of the most appealing elements of everyday life. Data provided by the NPD Group and Stylitics found women between the ages of 18 and 45 owning an average of 13 handbags across seven different brands.

Skinny Jeans

You knew these were coming. Skinny jeans have been rocked on many a concert stage, casual party setting and high-end art show for a reason — they’re a snappy addition to any outfit and haven’t looked out of place for decades. They come in a wide variety of colors and are particularly beloved for flattering the legs. American retail e-commerce revenues from both apparel and accessory sales are expected to exceed $115 billion by the time 2021 arrives, so now has never been a better time to snag that pair of Robert Graham skinny jeans you’ve been eyeing.

Designer Shirts

Want to look good but put in minimal effort? Designer shirts are a great place to start. Covered in splashy designs and with a wide variety of colors, tossing these over a pair of bold jeans and nice shoes can keep you looking snappy no matter how much energy you have for your full-body mirror. According to a Total Retail Survey conducted by PwC, around 40% of global shoppers much prefer to purchase clothing and footwear online. Long-sleeved or short-sleeved, a flattering shirt goes a long way.

Seasonal Accessories

Not all clothes are fit for all weather. No shame in that! Finding good seasonal accessories to accompany you when the weather takes a turn for the extreme can help you feel better about leaving some of your favorite outfits in the back of the closet. Scarves and gloves should be kept close on hand for winter, while a lovely hat can be used across multiple seasons to stave off rain and sun alike. A designer belt can be used no matter the season, making it one of the best additions to just about any fashion choice. Robert Graham jackets can be tossed over any combination to complete your look.

Keeping Up With The Latest Trends

The best fashion is one that acknowledges the time while adding your own personal flavor. Denim skinny jeans, dressy shoes and casual shoes are all fantastic choices to add to your wardrobe because they offer an old-fashioned approach that never fades. A recent study found nearly 60% of Millennials say they ‘love to shop’ compared to 40% of adults overall. The average woman today also owns an average of 30 outfits compared to just nine outfits back in the 1930’s. Why settle for clothes that don’t represent who you are?

There are plenty of offers online and in-person just waiting for your personal remix. Perhaps you can even start a trend yourself!

Logo Beach Towels Allow You to Show Off Your Business in Style

Beach towels

When you think of the beach, you think of ultimate relaxation. You may not be thinking about commercials, ads, or the things you see on TV. However, you can bring your business to the beach with a logo beach towel, a way of promotion without the obnoxiousness of bulletins and banners. Custom embroidered beach towels show off your business in style as well as serving a purpose.

Make Sure Your Business is Seen

Did you know that 52% of people who took a national survey expect to vacation to the beach in the next year? With approximately 95,471 miles of shoreline across the U.S., there are many options for people across the world to take notice to your business in a fashionable way that serves a purpose on any beach. When you buy a beach towel, why would you want to choose something boring? Who wouldn’t love a beach towel that has their own personal flair versus an option that is plain and just like all the rest? Everybody loves the beach and we want you to be able to show off your business thousands of miles from home.

The most popular beach activity, according to 70% respondents, is walking. This means that, as you are traveling the shore lines of your favorite beach, you’ll come into contact with a variety of people from across the state or from other states. It’s important that you make a great impression with a piece that many will comment on. Imagine wrapping your beach towel around you and having somebody ask, “Hey, what does that mean?” and it immediately starts a conversation about your business back home. A logo beach towel will do just that. It’s a conversation starter that will help you bring in business from every state.

Custom promotional towels are a new way to promote a business, rather than handing out business cards or brochures. Nobody will forget what they saw on your logo beach towel when they were miles from home. From businesses to high school sports teams, to events you loved being a part of, you will find great joy in a beach towel that packs personality!

Wedding Plans Require Careful Attention to Detail

Rehearsal dinner

This will be a different kind of Christmas.
Although you will still be opening gifts, spending time with family, and eating a few Christmas cookies, you will also be finalizing details with a event planners you are working with and making choices between catered weddings menus and other concerns as your big day is now only six months out.
You do not mind being a little extra busy over the holidays if it is because you are planning a summer wedding. And while you will have a hectic few months getting ready for the final event, it is nice to have a break like the holidays to make sure that you are able to have the time you need to meet with your future spouse, your parents, and the person you have hired to help you make sure you remember all of the necessary details.
Wedding events include the planning of rehearsals dinners, receptions, and all of the people who will be in the wedding party. From selecting a bridal gown to making sure that you have music, flowers, food, and seating planned, a wedding can be a major planning event. With the right help, however, you might be able to make sure that you have a beautiful day that looks effortless, in spite of all of the hard work.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the many details that go into catered weddings and receptions:

  • 165 is the average number of wedding guests.
  • The most popular months to get married are October and September, according to the Knot’s 2016 Real Weddings Study. In fact, 16% of all weddings occur in these two months.
  • An average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the U.S. every year
  • 40% of future brides and grooms are looking for unusual venues that more accurately reflect their personality.
  • 56% of all brides are committed to providing excellent food at their catered weddings.
  • The average groom is 31 years old and the average bride is 30.

If you are at six months and counting until your big day, you might find yourself especially busy this holiday season. Spending the holiday celebrations preparing wedding celebrations is one way to make sure that the happiness of this holiday lasts a long time. Full production weddings require that every detail is carefully planned. With the help of an event planner and plenty of time, however, even the planning can be fun and exciting.

Used Rolex Watches Can be a Great Investment

Rolex for girls

Rolex watches have been around for a long time, dating all the way back to the early 1900s. The company has transformed into something beautiful, a force to be reckoned with, becoming one of the most powerful global brands according to Forbes. They are also one of the largest brands in the business and make thousands of watches every single day. Business is booming. But you also know that Rolex watches are very expensive, making them quite the investment for somebody who loves the bold style of these watches that have held through history. Are you interested to buy used Rolex watches?

Everybody Loves Watches

Watches are no longer about just telling time – they have also become a fashion statement. From the best-looking Rolex on the market, to Daniel Roth watches and Zenith watches for sale, everybody is looking for the best watch they can find… one that suits their look and helps them walk forward with confidence, just like jewelry sometimes does for some of us. Quality watches are on the market and withstand the test of time as far as fashion is concerned. You never have to worry about your watch going out of style for this reason. 25% of watch buyers say that they wear watches not just to tell time, but because they are trying to make a fashion statement. Another one in eight buyers say they wear their watch as a status symbol, which is how we know fashion means a lot to you and want to help you get your hands on the best watch money can buy.

Rolex tends to be one of the watch companies you think of when somebody says ‘watches.’ They have been creating the best of the best for years, even since the beginning of their company. In 1926, they created the first waterproof wrist watch and have been making huge strides to stay ahead in the industry ever since.

If you are looking for a cheaper but reliable option because you want a bargain that will still give you style, you could buy used rolex watches through a reputable source. We can help you find mens used rolex watches for a price that makes you smile, and a style that makes your eyes light up. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your statement.

Signs in a Store Why They Matter

Printed mesh banners

Messages are inherent in a business’s attraction of new customers. The market itself is flooded, with consumers being exposed to 3,000 ads and promotional messages every day. Signs have become a possible source for business owners to persuade customers to enter their store and to retain customers who have been with them for some time.

American consumers face these advertisements and general marketing messages throughout the course of their days. This can occur through advertisements placed in the newspapers, from advertisements placed on the side of the street, from billboard ads, from ads placed on the back covers of magazines, radio, television, and more.

The advertisement game in the United States has been going on for hundreds of years, possibly since the beginning of the country or even before. The advertisement game attempts to persuade customers to buy their products, whether those products are medical treatments or shipping containers or cigarettes or books.

The American consumer, as mentioned above, is being thrown at 3,000 times per day with different advertisements. The advertisements might be subtle–such as a business card with a logo on it–or fairly overt–such as a billboard sign that advertises a type of toothpaste to buy.

Because the advertising possibilities for many business owners are broad, it puts the onus on the business owner to be able to craft out an advertisement to suit many avenues, or to choose an avenue that best suits their needs. Although much has been written about television, newspaper, and media advertisements, little has been said about signage.

The value of on-site signage has been the subject of many recent studies. One study found that the value of on-site signage is equivalent to 24 full page newspaper ads each year. Another found that a single on-site sign costs two cents per one thousand views, while a 300 line newspaper ad $2.81 per one thousand views and reaches only 53% of the market.

A retailer might find that signs play an important part in day to day operations of their retail store. The retailer may use a combination of banner installation, safety and security signs, custom pop up banners, outdoor mesh banners, custom printed signs, double sided window decals, and more to appeal to customers as they walk through the store.

Customers, as they walk through the store, will see themselves approaching or noticing different signs. They may stop at an outdoor sign that is presented in front of a row of merchandise, or walking inside the store at a bunch of products that are correctly signed, with the price tags on.

These situations make it easier for people, men and women and children, to see the merchandise and be able to quickly make a decision about them based on price. The customers will likely appreciate the ease with which they can shop, without asking for a customer service rep to guide them.

A retailer might be able to sell a product quickly, as in the case of a product that is placed near the doors with a big sign in front of it written with attractive colors. According to a 2014 Mass Merchants study, 16% of unplanned purchases were due to a display noticed while shopping.

Customers can be interested in a product just because of the signage or a display. Custom pop up banners may attract attention just due to their appearance and may sell the products by enticing customers from the get go. Retailers may look at the statistic that 82% of purchasing decisions are made in the store as evidence of the power of signs.

Custom pop up banners may entice customers with their color and font size and appearance and call attention in a positive way to the merchandise displayed below it. That merchandise will be sold possibly sooner than other merchandise, which is the goal of custom pop up banners to begin with.

Oftentimes, it will be merchandisers who put together the displays in stores or puts the price tags on items. Customers who walk through the store but don’t see price tags on items may become irritated or confused by the lack of the signs in a store. The signs help to organize the pricing and merchandise within a store.

Merchandisers pose a great benefit to companies.

3 Real Reasons Why Millennials Are Choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds

Wedding rings

Every year, up to 38 million Americans purchase fine jewelry including wedding and engagement rings. While the style of the jewelry purchase differs according to the person buying the bridal jewelry, there’s one thing most types of wedding rings have in common: diamonds.

However, modern bridal jewelry has been changing in recent years. Many diamonds incorporated into modern wedding jewelry are lab-grown. Why the shift? The average bride and groom are 27-years-old, which places them in the age range of the millennial generation.

Why Couples Are Choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds

Despite wild claims that millennials are killing this or that industry, local jewelers are succeeding with young couples just like they always have. The only difference now is that jewelry stores have an additional type of diamond among their types of wedding rings.

But why are millennials opting for lab-grown diamonds in the first place? As it turns out, there are many positive reasons including:

  1. Lab-grown diamonds are safe for the environment. Carbon dioxide is often released as a waste by many industries including the diamond mining industry. However, lab-grown diamonds have been shown to emit less than one-fifth the carbon dioxide emitted from diamond mining. For the millennial generation, diamonds that are friendly to the environment are golden.
  2. Lab-grown diamonds are sustainable. Successful diamond mining, like all mining, requires the presence of goods. There are only so many diamonds in the earth, which is what makes them so precious and valuable. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory atom by atom. This makes them more sustainable than naturally mined diamonds, which gives them another environmentally-friend point for millennials.
  3. Lab-grown diamonds are just as beautiful. Critics claim lab-grown diamonds aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as naturally grown diamonds. However,
    lab-grown diamonds are just as beautiful as naturally mined diamonds. In fact, many people are unable to tell the difference. This is because jewelers are just as careful with their lab-grown diamond jewelry as they are with those made from mined diamonds.

Whether you prefer lab-grown diamonds, mined diamonds, or a wedding band with no diamond at all, there’s a custom jewelry design for you. When choosing jewelry for your better half, just remember to choose the stone and design that perfectly complements his or her unique personality.

Looking for a Fun and Festive Fashion Accessory? Explore the Many Types of Temporary Glitter Tattoos!

Types of metallic temporary tattoos

Tattoos are an art form with a rich history. While they originated in tribal societies, many people today choose to have names, symbols, images, and decorative patterns applied to their face and bodies with permanent ink. Even though some people may want a tattoo, they may not want it to be permanent. Fortunately, there are different types of temporary tattoos, which includes custom-made ones and glitter temporary tattoo options.

What Is a Temporary Tattoo?

Temporary tattoos, according to the Food and Drug Administration, are basically decals. They can be placed on any part of the body as a means of decoration. Since they will usually stay in place for one to seven days, they are a popular way for children and adults to express themselves and make a fashion statement. While temporary tattoos may be particularly popular during Halloween, they are also a fun accessory throughout the year. Temporary tattoos can be worn at birthday parties and other types of celebratory occasions.

Why Temporary Tattoos Are Often Preferred

A recent survey showed that 29% of the American population has at least one permanent tattoo. However, 23% of the survey participants indicated that they regretted getting their tattoo. In some instances, people will experience issues after getting a tattoo. According to a recent study, ten percent of the participants experienced an infection, itching, and other types of adverse reactions. Given this, temporary tattoos are often preferred. Furthermore, they are also considered to be a safer alternative to permanent ink.

How to Apply a Temporary Tattoo

It’s easy to apply a temporary tattoo. After holding it in place for 30 to 60 seconds, a little dab of of thin, water-based lotion should be gently patted on the skin afterwards to hydrate the area. There are several popular places to apply temporary tattoos. The most popular, however, are the lower back, wrists, and feet. Children in particular like to put tattoos on their hands and cheeks, and the 1.5 by 1.5 inch tattoos work well for this.

Glitter Temporary Tattoo Options

People of all ages enjoy glitter because it’s iridescent and festive. While glitter was invented in the 1930s, mica flakes were found in early cave paintings. While glitter as we know it today is not the same as mica, it has a similar appearance and effect.

Find Out More About Temporary Tattoos

If you’re planning to have a children’s birthday party or celebrate another festive occasion, you’ll want to find out more about the different types of temporary tattoos that are available. Since there are so many from which to choose, including glitter temporary tattoo options, chances are that you’ll purchase several different types. Remember that temporary tattoos can also be custom-made.