5 Popular Funeral Flower Arrangement Types

By | August 28, 2017

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It’s important to have the right kind of funeral arrangement. There are many locations where floral arrangements can be used. A funeral is often an overwhelming time for someone to deal with. It’s understandable to need help finding the right funeral flowers for an upcoming service. Here are five of the most common floral arrangements for a funeral.

  1. Floral Arrangements in a Basket

    A floral basket is commonly sent to where the service will take place. You can choose to use these flowers for a funeral. If guests are encouraged to send funeral flowers, you’ll often see these baskets appear. Floral baskets are usually placed near the casket. Florists are able to make these baskets in many different styles.
  2. Funeral Wreaths

    Certain services may have floral wreaths hung on the door of while a ceremony is taking place. It’s common for these wreaths to be brought to where the burial is occurring beforehand. You may decide to have a wreath transported or brought directly to the burial site. Wreaths are a very popular choice for funeral flowers.
  3. Half or Full Casket Sprays

    A casket spray is a floral arrangement placed on top of a casket. The type of casket spray you will use will depend on if the service is an open or closed casket. In the case of an open casket funeral, you’ll want to use a half spray. Full sprays cover a larger area of the casket which is better for closed casket ceremonies. It’s important to find a florist that is able to create a spray that suits what the ceremony requires. Funeral flowers are very important which makes it essential you find the spray you need.
  4. Standing Sprays

    It’s common to see standing floral sprays accompany those placed over a casket. It’s important to choose a florist that can create quality sprays. These floral arrangements will be placed in direct view during the ceremony. The last thing you want to deal with is a poorly made spray falling apart.
  5. Tabletop Displays

    In some cases, a funeral service may involve a gathering afterward. It’s common for guests to gather at an event where foods and drinks are present. You’ll want to ensure you have remaining floral needs taken care of with a nice floral tabletop arrangement.

It’s important to ensure you choose the right florist. You’ll want to find a florist shop that offers a wide array of arrangements. In some situations, the recently deceased may have requested a certain color for their funeral arrangements. It’s important to work with a florist that can help ensure your funeral flower needs are taken care of right away. In addition, it’s best to work with a company that offers an online florist services. Having an online service available helps to make ordering more flexible for the customer.

In closing, there are several floral arrangement types to choose from when planning a funeral. It’s common floral arrangements to be sent in a basket. Using floral baskets allows for arrangements to easily be moved. In some cases, funeral wreaths are sent to where a service will be held. It’s very common for a casket spray to decorate the top of a casket. The type of spray to choose will depend upon what type of service will be held. Standing and casket sprays are often paired together. If a funeral service will have an event taking place afterward, there are other floral arrangements that can be utilized. Choosing the right funeral flowers helps to ensure a touch of class is added to any service.