BET is one of the Leading Sources for Black Entertainment News

By | August 25, 2017

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Black Entertainment Television, also known as BET is viewed in over ninety million homes throughout the world. As of a recent study, BET was the most prominent TV channel targeting the young black-American audiences. Additionally, it is the leading provider of black American cultural and entertainment based programs.

Black entertainers have an incredible level of social power. Among individuals between the ages of 18 and 36, it has been found that nearly thirty percent of them will support a caused based on the endorsement of a celebrity.

Black entertainers like Floyd Mayweather, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Jay Z, and Tyra Banks have risen the ranks of entertainment to become among some of the most influential within their respective industries.

These are the personalities and entertainers that draw people to black entertainment news. People want to hear the latest celebrity gossip and learn what is going on today in entertainment. This leads to an increase in viewership for the channels and forums such as BET, which focuses on black entertainment news and programs.

While following celebrity gossip is a hobby for many, it is about more than the latest gossip. Black entertainment news offers a specific focus on the people and events that black viewers care about. They focus on movies and programming that feature predominantly black entertainers. Likewise, they offer music and awards shows that are tailored to black audiences.

It is not secret that mainstream media and channels do not go overboard to cater to black audiences. While there are plenty of shows, movies, and programs that include black entertainers, music, and interests, the prominent leanings are not there. Likewise, there is an absence of Hispanic, Asian, and Indian entertainers. When these entertainers are included in shows, they are typecast in stereotypical ways.

This is one of the primary reasons, black viewers prefer channels and networks that tailor to them. Even the mainstream news tailors the stories they report on, so there is a very limited view of what is shown and explained. With each channel limiting what they show, the only option for viewers is to find the networks that limit to the things they are specifically interested in.