8 Good Reasons to Make Clothing Donations

By | November 30, 2018

People in the United States are very charitable. It has been found that every year, more than 95% of people around the country give to charity in one way or another. Not everyone has money they can donate. Many people want to volunteer but cannot because they just are too busy with work and taking care of their families. Most of us can do things like make clothing donations, which can do a lot of good for a lot of people.

  1. You help people who really need it. Retail clothing can be very expensive. Many families find themselves in trouble when it comes to buying clothing for their families. When you donate clothing to charity, you really are helping families in need. Often nonprofits take clothing donations and put them in their consignment shops. People can then buy those clothes for their families and be able to get what they need.
  2. You can support people who have been through a natural disaster. The United States has some of the most volatile weather on earth. The country experiences a lot of natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes. When these happen, they often leave people with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. While many nonprofits will stress the importance of giving money, clothing donations can also be used.
  3. Your used clothing can help animals. Local animal shelters take in used blankets and clothing that can no longer be worn but can be used as bedding for cats and dogs. Even if no one can wear or use your donations, Fluffy and Fido can stay warm in the shelter.
  4. You help nonprofits keep up their good work. Nonprofits run a number of programs that help people in need. They give away food, help with job training, and offer a number of other services that help people get back on their feet. The proceeds from the consignment shops help them pay their bills, hire staff, and carry out programs that help the community as a whole.
  5. You do a lot to end global warming. A number of materials that are used to make clothing are biodegradable. Sometimes people assume that when these items are put into a landfill, they do just that. The problem is that the processes to degrade these materials require oxygen. When you have items at the bottom of the heap, they no longer have access to oxygen and when they break down anaerobically, they release greenhouse gasses that lead to global warming. By making clothing donations, your items will not end up causing more greenhouse gas emissions.
  6. You help reduce the amount of stuff we send to landfills. Every year, people around the United States send nearly 12 tons of textiles and clothing to landfills. When you think about the amount of garbage we create every day (each person in the nation creates about 4.5 pounds of it), it is easy to see how important it can be to reduce the amount of waste we make. By donating your clothing, you can make sure it goes to a person who needs it and not into a landfill.
  7. You get to lower your tax bill. When you make any kinds of donations to charity, you can take that off of your taxes. When you make your donation, you should get a receipt from the nonprofit. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires paperwork for donations that are worth more than $250 so getting the right paperwork everytime you donate can help you a lot at tax time.
  8. You make it easier for other people to do good things. People are impacted by what they see around them. When people see others making clothing donations to charity, it can help inspire them to do the same thing. It is like the old shampoo commercial, “You tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on…” You do something good, other people are inspired to do the same and your good deeds just grow and grow.

We have a lot of clothing. Most women today have an outfit for every day of the month. When you make charitable clothing donations, you help other people (and animals) and get yourself a neater closet with more room.