Moving is Great Time to Make Charitable Donations

By | July 3, 2017

Donate clothes

Finding a new home is a great feeling for a buyer. You’ll be excited to move into your new home. What you might not know is a move is a great time for charitable donations. Giving back to the community is a great feeling and it can make your move much easier. It might sound odd to think about making donations while moving. However, you might be surprised at how perfect donating is while making this move. In this post, you will learn why moving is a great time to make charitable donations to your community.

  • Better Appearance During a Walk Through: Finding the right buyer is the key to selling your home. Collecting items to donate will reduce overall clutter in your home. Studies show that buyers prefer an open home during a walk through. You wouldn’t want to be a home buyer wading through a cluttered home. One study found the average person creates 4.5 pounds of trash per day. Eliminating all clutter makes for a better looking home when a walk through is taking place.
  • Fewer Boxes to Move to New Home: The last step before settling into your new home is moving. You know how to feels to start a moving day which can be a tiring experience. Preparing charitable donations means not having to take things you don’t need to your new home. Let your new home be a fresh beginning without the clutter of the past. Moving in faster helps to ensure you can settle into your home as fast as possible. Having less boxes to move likely means paying less when using professional movers.
  • Potential to Find Valuable Items: There are many stories of people finding hidden treasures within their home. Television shows feature experts appraising items that a homeowner found in the attic one morning. You have the same potential to find items that could be worth a lot of money. Finding the right items could mean your new home decoration budget gets a huge boost.
  • Empty Overfilled Closets: No buyer wants to look at all of your clothes. Closets are common sources of anxiety for homeowners. Donating clothing to charity cleans your closets and provides clothing for families in need. Clothes donations are extremely popular items for charities to receive. Research shows that the average person in the United States buys 10 pounds of used clothing. Giving these items back to the community is similar to recycling your clothes.
  • Giving Back: Research shows that the average adult in the Unites States throws away 82 pounds of textiles every year. You might not be aware of how many items you toss out can be donated to charity. Consider placing a box in your home made for donations. Once you’ve cleared out a few rooms, you will have a box neatly prepared for either drop off or pick up.
  • Potential Tax Savings: There are many incentives for you to save in taxes. Purchasing a new home is a large investment in your life. It’s best to have every aspect of savings taken care of during a move. Many homeowners enjoy the savings in taxes owed through multiple charitable donations. New homes will often carry year end payments that must be made. The savings in taxes you’ll receive through donations will likely help for additional home payments throughout the year.
  • In closing, there are several reasons why it’s great to prepare charitable donations while moving. Donating items keeps your home free from looking too cluttered. Home buyers want to see space and openness during a walk through. Donating items means having less to move with you. Having fewer boxes to move makes the whole moving process much faster. Certain homeowners find valuable family treasures while thoroughly cleaning. Giving back to your community is a feeling that is hard to match. Donating items to charity can even help to ensure you pay less in yearly taxes. Giving back to charity is one of the most beneficial things to do, especially while moving.