Donating Clothes to Charity Made Easy

By | July 3, 2017

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Donating clothing to charity likely makes anyone feel great. Preparing clothes to donate allows you have a cleaner home. Knowing how to properly donate clothes will ensure this is a very easy process. The average adult in the United States will throw away nearly 82 pounds of textile waste every year. In this post, you will learn about what types of clothing are acceptable for donating.

You will want to start by going through areas of the home where clothes are stored. Many homes have closets that are filled with too many clothes. Especially cluttered homes are filled with clothes wherever the homeowner can find room. Eliminating clutter helps to promote feelings of calmness. One study by the Council for Textile Recycling found that the United States produces nearly 25 billion pounds of waste per year.

It is common for people to feel hesitant about donating clothing. In many cases, these clothes are items that will never be worn again. One tip to see what percentage of clothing you really wear will shock you. All you have to do is flip a hanger when you remove a shirt from your closet. Over time, you will only have flipped a few hangers. The remaining majority of clothes are the perfect items to think about donating.

The condition of your donated clothing is important. A charity will not expect every item to be brand new. However, there are general guidelines to follow when donating clothing. The main thing to keep in mind is that donated clothes are gently used. Items that have been worn are perfectly fine to donate to charity. You’ll want to ensure that clothes are not stained or covered in holes. It will only take a minute to check each item for anything that is beyond gently used.

In closing, preparing clothes donations is easy to do. Clothing donations are great for helping people in need while cleaning up your closest. Recycling items like clothing are extremely important to help those without these items. One study found that if each adult in the United States recycled 10 percent of their newspaper that 25 million trees would be saved per year. A clothing donation is easy to prepare and quick to complete. You can either do a clothing donation through pick up or drop off services.