Fishing, Camping And Kayaking Which Is The Most Popular American Hobby?

By | July 10, 2017

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How do you enjoy the great outdoors? Are you a person who likes to take early morning walks to appreciate the weather or someone who prefers to get down and dirty with nature through hiking or biking? There are many ways to enjoy the environment while getting fit, with one of the most popular along the coast involving rivers and oceans. Scuba gear packages are a great idea to give you and your family some fun memories, while fishing and kayaking can be more relaxing. There’s no need to feel behind. The great outdoors is just waiting for you to discover all the riches it holds!


Camping is a great way to spend time with people you care about. The average camper went on five camping trips back in 2012 and consumer spending on general camping equipment reached nearly $2 billion just last year. That’s pretty impressive! But why does it have such staying power among Americans? It’s partially due to the country’s natural propensity for varied landscapes, offering forests, mountains, rivers and lakes to enjoy at different times of the year. Another reason is how camping can be both relaxing and invigorating. You can chill by the campfire or go roaming through the woods. Your choice!


What about camping and fishing? A laid-back yet involving way of enjoying your environment is sitting back with some tackle and waiting for a fish to bite. Many Americans turn to fishing to spend time with friends and encourage more harmonious mental health. Over 60% of participants in a recent survey camped the most in public campgrounds, though some still choose to hoof it and go deeper into the wild. Whichever you prefer, fishing is a fantastic compliment that can give you a tasty dinner, to boot!


Do you love the feel of the water? Scuba gear packages may be for you. Scuba diving is notable for its ability to give people the means of exploring, opening up an entirely new world that previously felt impossible. Many seek out coral reefs or deep lakes to explore the bottom, creating beautiful memories to share with others on top of some rigorous exercise. Remember you need to dive in certified areas, however, and should be trained by a professional to reduce the risk of an accident. The Florida State Statue, for example, says divers can face a violation and fine for not following dive flag laws!

Choosing An Outdoor Hobby

Don’t buy archery equipment or invest in adventure gear unless it’s something you find enjoyable. After all, an outdoor hobby should be an extension of yourself. A way of expressing who you are as a person. Are you trying to get the most out of the good weather or do you want to lose a few pounds? Do you enjoy fishing solo or camping out with friends? Scuba gear packages, fishing tackle and adventure clothing are simply resources to help you live your fullest life. Ask yourself how they can help you get there with the aid of a local sporting goods store.