What’s The Best Accessory For Your Favorite Tee Shirt?

Rumor has it that the average American owns more than ten tee shirt varieties in their closets, in fact, this claim is made by 62% of Americans. That’s a lot of tee shirts bought and worn every year. This means lots of tee shirts that could use accessories to pair with them for fun accents. What would the best accessory be to tie in with a tee shirt? How about a hat? Caps come in all shapes and sizes, beanies for cooler weather, visors for girls, girls baseball caps… these hats have come in all different forms and have enhanced girls fashion more than they ever receive credit for. Why is it that these fun caps like visors for girls aren’t given the credit that they deserve and what can we do to bring more notice to these fun accessories to girls fashions? Let’s look at some facts.

Back in 1849 the first baseball cap was first invented. These caps were invented for a New Y Continue reading