What’s The Best Accessory For Your Favorite Tee Shirt?

By | September 26, 2018

Rumor has it that the average American owns more than ten tee shirt varieties in their closets, in fact, this claim is made by 62% of Americans. That’s a lot of tee shirts bought and worn every year. This means lots of tee shirts that could use accessories to pair with them for fun accents. What would the best accessory be to tie in with a tee shirt? How about a hat? Caps come in all shapes and sizes, beanies for cooler weather, visors for girls, girls baseball caps… these hats have come in all different forms and have enhanced girls fashion more than they ever receive credit for. Why is it that these fun caps like visors for girls aren’t given the credit that they deserve and what can we do to bring more notice to these fun accessories to girls fashions? Let’s look at some facts.

Back in 1849 the first baseball cap was first invented. These caps were invented for a New York baseball team called the Knickerbockers. Of course these hats were not made for women, which still sounds completely unfair given that women were forced to where these overly large hats that we mostly only see for hiding on the beach from the sun nowadays. These fun hats have come pretty far with change over the years. Bet the designers back then never would have imagined them adorned with sparkles or anything else that a female would have liked. Who would have thought that so much could vividly change in the years that have passed. Could you imagine not being able to add a hat as an accessory? You mean to tell me that the holes at the back of the baseball cap are only for readjusting and they aren’t ponytail caps? I don’t know how much that’s to be believed (of course not seriously, we always enhance and make things for men better for ourselves).

As far as females in caps go now, who couldn’t imagine accessorizing with our favorite knit beanies during the cold winter months. They not only keep our heads warm, but in most cases they make our hair look super cute as well. A C.C. cap has become quite the growing trend as fall months creep nearer for women of all ages. Pull on a cap to go skiing at the lodge or even as an accessory for holiday shopping once the jolly holidays call for it. These caps are warm and cozy and they even make us look great while the snow falls down around us. Not to mention, can you really resist how warm these are?

Considering that in a woman’s lifetime, roughly $125,000 of their hard earned money will be spent on clothing and accessories it is hard to believe that a woman could go through her life without at least purchasing a couple different kinds of hats. Show us a woman who doesn’t stick a hat on for bad hair days and we might just have to stop her and ask her what her secret is. 60% of women struggle with attempting to find a new look on nearly a daily basis. Many of these women who can’t decide on how to clothe or accessorize themselves decide that maybe a hat will be their right choice to enhance their outfit and make them trendy. With the dad cap making its way back into circulation many women even don their favorite expression across one of these to pair with blue jeans and a favorite tee shirt.

Who says that caps are strictly for men? In shapes of visors for girls, beanies, dad caps, and baseball caps these comfortable and fun accessories have become a must have for everyone who wants to be comfortable and have some sort of style in their wardrobe. So grab your favorite beanie or visors for girls and get to taking selfies. Share your comments below on how you plan on accessorizing your favorite fall outfit with a cap this fall. We’d just love to hear how far this trend has gotten!