Add Depth And Definition To Your Eyebrows

By | September 24, 2018

Could you imagine having a client sitting if your chair having their hair done when you decide to touch up their eyebrows too – just so they match, suddenly when you pull back to look at your finished product there are two furry green caterpillars inching across their faces? How exactly do you explain to the client that you’ve so terribly messed up their look! How do you expect the client to even forgive something like that? The chances of them coming back to you now are slim to none, for that matter the chances of them paying you are probably even less than that. In today’s world where eyebrows are of green importance green caterpillars probably won’t go over all that well. Perhaps it is time to look into microblading and shading next time. Save you and your clients the hassle of potentially green brows.

So you’ve decided not to risk your clients? Good.
Offering this new procedure requires a 5-day microblading course, microblading and microshading kits, and microblading equipment. This might seem overwhelming to think about, but you are dealing with your clients and something that will not just wash off in a day or two. But just think! You’ve avoiding the risk of giving them green eyebrows so it is probably all risk right?

What exactly IS microblading and shading?
Microblading and shading are semi permanent tattoos for the eyebrows. Not only does this procedure add color to the eyebrows and keep them perfectly intact always, but it also is a way to give them more depth and dimension than they previously had. This process is a very serious art, perfect the brows with special tools to make them look more natural.

Who exactly is microblading and shading for?

  • Individuals with no brows
  • Those who need more definition to their brows
  • People with course hair
  • Those who do their makeup every day and work to fill them in

There are many reasons why individuals opt for microblading and shading their eyebrows. Considering your brows only have about 250 hairs, it is easy to see spots when these are lost, or even to feel like they were never thick enough for you in the first place. Your clients will be grateful for this new additional service to your business.

In order to be able to offer these services you are required to take a 5-day microblading course that teaches you color correction techniques and advanced microblading strokes. These mictoblading classes teach how to do everything proper and safely for both yourself as well as your clients. Some of these training program course even offer the best microblading eyes supplies with their courses.

In order to step up your game with eyebrows, look into taking a microblading and shading course. Your clients won’t regret you eliminating the risk of giving them green furry caterpillars crawling across their faces.