Add Depth And Definition To Your Eyebrows

Could you imagine having a client sitting if your chair having their hair done when you decide to touch up their eyebrows too – just so they match, suddenly when you pull back to look at your finished product there are two furry green caterpillars inching across their faces? How exactly do you explain to the client that you’ve so terribly messed up their look! How do you expect the client to even forgive something like that? The chances of them coming back to you now are slim to none, for that matter the chances of them paying you are probably even less than that. In today’s world where eyebrows are of green importance green caterpillars probably won’t go over all that well. Perhaps it is time to look into microblading and shading next time. Save you and your clients the hassle of potentially green brows.

So you’ve decided not to risk your clients? Good.
Offering this new procedure requires a 5-day microblading course, microblading and microshading kits, and Continue reading