Everything You Want to Know About Sea Glass

If you’ve ever admired wonderful sea glass necklace designs, you may have wondered where sea glass comes from and what we do with it. Glass been used for creating beautiful works of art for thousands of years, from stained-glass windows to today’s sea glass necklace designs. Here’s what you need to know about beach glass jewelry.

What Is Sea Glass?

Sea glass are pieces of beautiful, frosted glass that are sometimes called beach jewels, sea gems, and sea pearls. Sea glass can be found all over the world on ocean beaches, in bays, and even on the shores of larger rivers and lakes. People have been creating sea glass earrings, sea glass necklaces, sea glass charms, and sea glass anklets and bracelets since before 2000 BC.

What Types of Beach Glass Are There?

Sea glass comes in many beautiful colors, particularly blues, greens, and aquas. Sea glass necklace designs are available in an enormous variety of colors and styles, and the beautiful colors make sea glass weddi Continue reading