Everything You Want to Know About Sea Glass

By | July 8, 2018

If you’ve ever admired wonderful sea glass necklace designs, you may have wondered where sea glass comes from and what we do with it. Glass been used for creating beautiful works of art for thousands of years, from stained-glass windows to today’s sea glass necklace designs. Here’s what you need to know about beach glass jewelry.

What Is Sea Glass?

Sea glass are pieces of beautiful, frosted glass that are sometimes called beach jewels, sea gems, and sea pearls. Sea glass can be found all over the world on ocean beaches, in bays, and even on the shores of larger rivers and lakes. People have been creating sea glass earrings, sea glass necklaces, sea glass charms, and sea glass anklets and bracelets since before 2000 BC.

What Types of Beach Glass Are There?

Sea glass comes in many beautiful colors, particularly blues, greens, and aquas. Sea glass necklace designs are available in an enormous variety of colors and styles, and the beautiful colors make sea glass wedding jewelry a popular choice.

How Is Sea Glass Formed?

One the most amazing things about sea glass is that it exists because the ocean is taking our trash and transforming it into something beautiful. All sea glass begins as trash. It may have been a bottle, a jar, a window, a windshield, or a piece of ceramic. The oceans of our world are a dumping place for all kinds of trash, some of it from ships and some of it from those who live near the sea or who dump their trash into rivers that run into the sea. While some sorts of garbage can cause real problems in the ocean, the sea does a marvelous job of recycling our glass. In fact, sea glass hunting is a popular hobby for many.

What Sea Glass Necklace Designs And Colors Are Available?

The only limits when it comes to sea glass necklace designs is the imagination of the people who designed them. Sea glass comes an amazing and beautiful colors, and some colors are considered more valuable than others. Typically, sea glass is categorized as common, uncommon, rare, or extremely rare. Some of the most commons glass colors are clear, brown, and Kelly green, and these pieces come from soda bottles, food containers, wine bottles, medicine bottles, and even canning jars. Approximately two out of three pieces of sea glass are clear or white. One in five pieces of sea glass are green.

Some of the uncommon sea glass colors include aquamarine, forest green, lime green, amber, and lavender. These uncommon colors come from older types of glass, such as seltzer mineral water bottles, fruit jars, and ink bottles. Only one in 50 pieces of sea glass is seafoam green, forest green, or lime green. Old tobacco snuff jars, medicinal jars, and Brown Mason jars account for most of the brown and amber sea glass. Lavender sea glass typically comes from vintage canning jars produced before World War I, about one in 300 pieces of sea glass will turn out to be lavender.

Rare sea glass colors including pink, peach, and cobalt or cornflower blue. The blue colors, from medicine and poison bottles, glass rolling pins, ink bottles and perfume bottles usually produce these colors. One in 500 pieces of sea glass will be cornflower blue or cobalt blue. Depression era glass was typically peach or pink colored, and today only one in 1,000 pieces of sea glass are peach or pink. Some of the rarest of all sea glass colors are orange and red. Orange glass comes from old car warning lights, glassware, and art glass. Only one in 10,000 pieces of sea glass will be orange, and only one in 5,000 will be red.

Sea glass necklace designs and other sea glass jewelry are a way of recycling our trash and living out our history. Natural sea glass makes beautiful jewelry for any occasion. Why not check out some find sea glass necklace designs for yourself?