How Safety Workwear Can Prevent Accidents and Save Lives

By | July 4, 2018

Occupations like construction and landscaping are both difficult and necessary. Workers face many risks on the job, which is why over the years a number of federal and state laws have been put into place to ensure workplace safety. These relate to workplace conditions, safety equipment, training, and more. Workwear also needs to conform to safety standards. It can be the responsibility of the employer to make sure that all crew have the safety clothing they need, such as reflective t shirts and high vis pants.

Why workplace safety standards are necessary
Workplace accidents can be serious. Especially in occupations like construction, landscaping, sanitation and others that put workers in proximity to traffic and/ or heavy machinery, workplace safety is an important concern. Younger and newer workers are most at risk, while older workers tend to have fewer accidents.
Studies have shown that in 2013, workers with less than one year on the job sustained more than one third of all injuries that them workers to miss days at work. Workplace accidents can even be fatal. In just one year, 2015, there were 4,836 fatalities due to workplace accidents. That’s an average of 13 per day. The high potential for workplace accidents and injuries is the reason why there are stringent workplace safety requirements in place.

Improving workplace safety
For managers, employers, and contractors, workplace safety regulations provide a guide to enhancing safety for the crew. There are many federal and state regulations governing workplace safety, so that workers in difficult, dangerous, and essential occupations can do their work in safety. These regulations make it the responsibility of the employer to ensure that all workers on the site have the necessary safety training, equipment, and clothing.
Safety regulations also define the standards for safety workwear. Reflective clothing like reflective t shirts and high visibility pants improves the visibility and safety of workers who have to operate in close proximity to traffic and/ or heavy machinery. Breathable reflective rain gear can help them do their jobs safely even in the worst weather conditions.

What are ANSI standards?
The American National Standards Institute or ANSI defines the safety standards for workplace clothing among other things. They define and classify the standards for clothing like reflective t shirts and high visibility vests. Employers must be in compliance with ANSI standards to ensure the safety of their work crews.
Safety-compliant work clothing must be in high visibility colors like yellow and orange, and it must have reflective strips sewn on as well. Different types of clothing are suitable for hot or cold weather and for use in different climates.

Workplace accidents can cause serious injuries and even be fatal. Federal and state regulations define workplace safety as well as standards for training, operation, equipment, and clothing. Workplace safety clothing like reflective t shirts and pants can make workers safer by making them more visible. Workplace safety clothing must follow ANSI standards to keep crews safe on the job.