Four Treatments That Can Revitalize Your Skin

By | May 3, 2016

Stem cell therapy

Keeping your body feeling youthful and fresh is sometimes easier said than done. However, feeling good about your appearance is an important part of keeping your mental outlook positive. A positive outlook is greatly beneficial to your overall physical health, and as such you should take whatever steps necessary to maintain that positivity. There are many treatments available at different clinics and spas that can be performed simply and with minimal recovery time required. Before you choose what treatment is best for your needs, you should be aware of what treatments are available for your particular problems. Once you know your options, making a good decision will be far easier. So: let’s dive into treatment possibilities.

1. HGH Therapy

What is HGH Therapy? Simply put, HGH Therapy is a treatment using the human growth hormone to reverse the effects of age, among other issues. The hormone used in HGH therapy is produced naturally by the pituitary gland. Typically, it not only leaves people feeling better in general, but can solve problems for people experiencing deficiencies of the human growth hormone. This treatment should only be administered at a reputable HGH therapy center. HGH therapy could be a viable option for those who find themselves wanting the benefits of an anti-aging treatment without the immediate physical side effects that can be found in Botox injections or plastic surgery. However, there are cases in which Botox is the better option.

2. Botox Injections

Botox injections have become very mainstream in recent years, with the average patient being between the ages of 40 to 59. Botox numbs the areas that are likely produce wrinkles, preventing things like fine lines and crow’s feet from even happening in the first place. Botox involves minimal pain and is non-invasive, with positive effects being seen in 82% of patients within the first week following treatment. That treatment usually lasts for four months following the initial injections. This means that people who wish to uphold the effects of Botox throughout the year need only visit their doctor a few times a year. A major advantage of Botox is that it’s so commonplace in today’s world. Doctors ready and willing to administer Botox are practiced and in control, leaving the patient with little to worry about.

3. Juvederm Treatments

Some mistake Juvederm for Botox, and at first it’s easy to understand why. Both are injection treatments that are meant to reduce wrinkles and give the skin a less wrinkled, more youthful appearance. The treatments work in completely different ways, however. As previously mentioned, Botox is a numbing agent. Juvederm is a filler, plumping areas of the face that tend to sink with age. The loss of fullness in the face is a major giveaway of a person’s advancing age. Juvederm fills out those annoying hollow spaces, and is, like Botox, minimally invasive and quick to act. As a hyaluronic acid-based filler, it typically rates as a 1.5 out of five on the pain scale, making it easy to recover from. It also costs, generally, between $300 and $800, making the treatments relatively inexpensive.

4. Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing may sound intimidating at first, but the treatment is great for people suffering from sun damage, age spots, and wrinkles. Essentially, laser resurfacing involves removing the first layer of skin through laser treatments. A new layer of skin will grow back tighter and fresher than the last. Laser resurfacing is not invasive, and the side effects are usually limited to soreness and swelling following treatment. This can be combatted by painkillers prescribed by your doctor. Some prefer laser skin resurfacing to Botox or Juvederm simply because it doesn’t involve injections. It also has a fairly long-term effect, though it can be repeated should the client wish it, dependent on a doctor’s approval.

With these options available, hopefully it’s clear that no matter what problem you’re experiencing, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With the right treatment, you’ll feel better in no time!