Have Your Baby Rattles Been Recalled? Three Updates from Smart Shop Magazine

By | July 17, 2013

Consumer reports shop smart magazine

We all want to be smart about the goods we buy on a daily basis. We want quality at a fair price, and we want products that will not break down right after we buy them. Consumer Reports is a magazine that has helped American consumers by offering comparisons and reviews of products since 1936.

Shop Smart magazine is an additional guide offered by Consumer Reports that focuses on delivering review information in a more reader friendly way. Consumer Reports Shop Smart magazine is also easier to view on a mobile device. Here are three things the magazine is talking about this week, that might surprise you.

1. Over 50,000 baby rattles sold at stores nationwide have been recalled. Sold by Fred and Friends, these rattles can potentially fall apart, releasing small pieces that are a choking hazard. Smart Shop Magazines explains that so far no injuries have been reported, and you can receive a full refund by contacting the company.

2. Did you know that there are several picnic foods you should avoid or handle very carefully so that you do not risk becoming sick after eating them? They include burgers and steaks, which need to be cooked thoroughly in order to kill the bacteria that often live on them. Studies show that poultry, before being cooked, is guilty of harboring dangerous bacteria an incredible 90 percent of the time. Smart Shopping Magazine says that other foods to watch out for are marinades, unwashed fruits, and salads that are not kept cold.

3. The Gap is experimenting with a new way to utilize online shopping. A common issue consumers have is that they will buy clothing online, only to receive it in person and realize it does not fit as well as they hoped. 60 percent of online returns, in fact, occur for this reason. Smart Shopping magazine says that the Gap is testing a program that allows people to shop for clothes online, then reserve them for trying on at their local store.