How Promotional Items Get Your Brand Noticed

By | June 22, 2016

Screen printed tee shirts

While some might say blue jeans are the most iconic American fashion item, the truth is t-shirts are the great equalizer, worn by as much as 95% of the U.S population. In fact the T-shirt industry continues to grow, rising more than 24% between 2009 and 2014, with no slowdown in sight. T-shirts are more than just a practical fashion statement; they can also be good business for your business when used as promotional branding items.

Print T shirt shops offer a range of customized T-shirt options that can be used as promotional items or branding tools. Employees can wear branded customized T-shirts in social gatherings or at company events to increase the reach of your brand and customers can buy or be gifted such T-shirts to extend the brand reach beyond the story or company events. In 2011, U.S promotional products industry revenues rose to $18.5 billion, a jump of 4.4% and in the same year, commercial screen printing in America reached a reported $7.9 billion. In fact, wearables — including caps, t-shirts and jackets — were the biggest sellers in the promotional item category in 2012, representing close to 29% of total product sales. T-shirts make a good choice of promotional product since 90% of Americans would refuse to throw away at least one of their t-shirts because of sentimental attachments and more than 70% of American men and nearly 55% of women have more than 10 t-shirts in their closets.

Print T shirt shops also offer custom compressed t-shirts, meaning your promotional items can even be compressed into molds that better represent your brand. Imagine a custom compressed T-shirt with your car dealership logo on it compressed into the shape of a car or a custom promotional shirt molded to look like a guitar as part of your marketing for your new band. The possibilities are not just endless, they are also intriguing and exciting. Other options include custom promotional tote bags and custom promotional towels which can also keep your brand in the minds of customers long after they leave your store. Opting for customized promotional items put the choice in your hands, give you flexibility and the ability to stand out from competitors, and are often cost-effective ways to market your brand, product or service.