The Clueless Boyfriend’s $100 Gift Giving Guide

By | June 23, 2016

Leather backpacks

Even if you’re lucky in love, it’s still possible to be horrible at gift giving. At any given moment of any given day a thousand boyfriends are watching their girlfriends open their birthday presents, slowly realizing that she hates the jewelry you bought her. Sure, she may be smiling.
Sure, her mouth might be saying, “Oh. I mean, it’s so pretty! No, I love it, no, it’s perfect.” But her eyes are saying, “I’m never, ever going to wear this.”
Simply put, even if your significant other is your best friend, buying a present for your girlfriend can be a minefield.
Fortunately, there is a better way. So don’t drop another $400 on a gorgeous pearl necklace that isn’t even close to being her style.
The Clueless Boyfriend’s Guide To Girlfriend Gift Giving
First, never forget that buying a girl jewelry is a huge gamble. She probably loves you enough to pretend to like it, because after all, it’s the thought that counts. But do you really want to spend half a paycheck on a nice thought? Of course not.
Instead, think strategically. For both men and women, there are certain items that are worth investing, and these items tend to make great gift ideas. For instance, many men choose to invest in a few nice suits, a watch, and some fine leather goods, whether it’s a leather belt, wallet, or leather messenger bags for men. For women, these essentials are more likely to be things like shoes, clothing, handbags, and makeup.
Now, makeup isn’t something you want to give as a gift. Most women buy the same cosmetic items over and over, so there’s nothing special about buying her new concealer (and that will probably be taken the wrong way). However, there are certain accessories that every woman needs in her life. Specifically, almost every woman on earth has a clutch and tote bag in her closet.
So how do you turn these into a gift? Remember: clutches are the tiny purses without straps, so if you’re going that route, spend a little bit more on something nice. Also, don’t be afraid to buy a more interesting clutch that stands out. And when buying tote bags for women, you can’t ever go wrong with sleek leather totes.
Tote bags for women are often multipurpose accessories, and leather totes are ideal for travel, professional settings, or anywhere else. You can even fill up tote bags for women with a bunch of smaller gifts, which is both thoughtful and allows you to hedge your bets. Even better, you can find fun clutches and professional totes that are completely affordable.
Finally, and this is important, buy flowers. It’s never a bad idea to buy flowers. This is a great source for more.