How to Do Heat Transfer Vinyl with an Iron

By | February 14, 2022

Do you want to add a special detail to your clothes? Try heat transfer vinyl, an easy way to be creative with your clothing. In this video, you will learn a simple technique to doing heat transfer vinyl with an iron.

Heat transfer vinyl, also known as, iron-on vinyl, t-shirt vinyl, or HTV, is a special type of vinyl that can adhere to the fabric. This is different than adhesive vinyl sheets and rolls, which are sticky from the onset.

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The adhesive on the vinyl is activated with heat. This vinyl comes in sheets, rolls, and packs. For this process, you will need a smooth table surface, an ironing mat or some type of towel, your clothing item, your vinyl, and some type of material to protect your iron (she used multi-use paper). You will want an iron that does not heave steam holes all over the middle, rather an iron with them just around the outside or one with none at all. This is because you will want a flat heat surface. Your temperate should be around 300 degrees, with no water or steam in the iron. First, make sure there are no wrinkles in the clothing item. If you are using a shirt, you can fold it in half and press it down so you have a line to follow to keep the vinyl centered. Then press the vinyl on it for 10-15 seconds.