Learning About Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

By | December 27, 2021

Hair transplant surgery offers hope for people suffering from alopecia, or hair loss. One of the more popular types of hair transplant surgery is called follicular unit extraction, follicular unit excision, or FUE. The Treatment Rooms London YouTube channel lists what you need to know about this hair replacement treatment.

FUE works best for alopecia caused by male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness.

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Both of these conditions are similar, but areas of hair loss are in slightly different places on the scalp. In FUE surgery, individual hair follicles from places on the scalp that are still growing are removed and transplanted into bald patches. The results can last for many years, even for the rest of a person’s life.

Individual follicles are removed with instruments that leave tiny holes called micro punches. The follicle and surrounding skin are carefully lifted out, moved, and inserted into the desired area. This leaves very little scarring or any other sign that the follicles have been removed.

FUE offers a significant advantage over an older kind of surgery called follicular unit transplantation or FUT. This is more commonly known as hair plug surgery. FUT gives results that look less than natural, while FUE offers results that look like a person’s original head of hair.