How to Landscape a Small Backyard on a Budget

By | December 27, 2021

Landscaping is significant in creating a comfortable and functional outdoor living space. It allows different plant species to flourish in their natural habitat and helps in preserving natural resources. Garden landscaping is essential regardless of the size of your property. Even if you have a smaller yard, landscaping will make it look beautiful. Read on to find out how to landscape a small backyard on a budget.

The Best Way to Landscape a Small Space

Ideas for landscaping a small space are numerous. Here are 15 ways you can use to landscape a small space.

1. Install a Fence

In the matter of how to landscape a small backyard on a budget, fence installation should come first because of its utilitarian attributes. Since your backyard will have fresh flora and delicate plants, installing a fence will help protect them. A fence can also improve privacy in your home. Put the fence at a height that corresponds to the level of privacy and security you want in your home. A fence can also play a decorative role if creatively designed and decorated. Decorate your fence with trailing plants and other materials. Install decorative iron gates at the front and back of your property to give your yard a classy finish.

2. Leave Some Space

It is easy to overcrowd a small backyard when garden landscaping. Overcrowding your small backyard will do you more harm than good. Your plants will lack sunlight and other nutrients. They will undergo weak growth and flowering if they are close together. Overcrowding your landscape will also block your view. As a rule of thumb, you should leave some space when landscaping a small backyard. Enough spacing will make your yard look organized and provide you with enough space to view your surrounding and even move in your yard.

3. Include a Walkway

Adding a walkway in your backyard is another best way to landscape a small piece. A well-designed walkway will attract the attention of people to explore your yard. It will provide a sense of direction and prevent people from trampling on your lawn and plants. A walkway will connect your garden spaces and serve as a boundary between different areas.

The design possibilities for walkways are limitless. Ensure you consider your plans and structures when deciding where to add your walkway. Where you want it to reach will determine its length, and the number of people that can walk side to side at the same time will determine its width.

The materials you use for creating your landscape should enhance your small backyard’s function and aesthetic. Use materials that align with your landscape design. Use stepping stones and decorative gravel if your landscape design is organic. Bricks and pavers blend well with a formal landscape.

Ensure the materials you use are porous enough to allow water to seep into the ground. This will protect your yard from flooding and protect your plants from water damage.

4. Create a Layered Landscape

You don’t need a large backyard to create a layered landscape. Create small garden layers and include a variety of plant species. Plant shrubs and flowers with complementary or contrasting colors. The plants should also have different shapes and textures to soothe the eye and improve various aspects of your backyard. Consider creating vertical and horizontal layers and install decorative landscape rock to give your small backyard a peculiar, mature look.

5. Garden Vertically

When it comes to how to landscape a small backyard on a budget, many landscapers will recommend vertical gardening. Gardening vertically allows you to make use of vertical space in your home. Vertical spaces like walls and fences provide you with enough space to grow flowers and succulents. You can create ladder platers, shelves, and crates to use as vertical gardens. Plants ideal for vertical gardening include ferns, bromeliads, and lipstick plants.

6. Use Hanging Planters

Apart from creating vertical gardens, you can use hanging planters to create a beautiful backyard in your small space. There are multiple hanging baskets in the market that can serve as hanging planters. Ensure you don’t put the hanging planters near walkways, and don’t overplant the hanging planters to prevent mature plants from overcrowding.

7. Incorporate Window Boxes

A more creative way to landscape a small backyard on a budget is to incorporate window boxes in your yard. They can be replanted throughout the year to include plants for every season. Window boxes are easy to manage and can be easily attached beneath the window. Ensure they are properly installed to prevent water damage to your walls. You can also place them on your porch or deck railing. Buy decorative window boxes. They should match your home’s exterior color or complement it to add beauty to your home.

8. Practice Upside Down Gardening

Upside down gardening is a rare type of gardening used to demonstrate how to landscape a small backyard on a budget. Upside down gardening enables you to grow plants in smaller spaces and protects them from pests present in the soil. It also increases light exposure and reduces the need to cage plants. Unfortunately, not all plants can grow in an upside-down position. Those that do include cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and eggplants.

9. Use Some Decorative Mulch

Fortunately, you can get creative with decorative mulch as far as how to landscape a small backyard on a budget is concerned. Decorative mulching can be an attractive addition to your backyard.

Mulch plays other important roles besides being a decorative cover for your backyard. It blocks out light and inhibits weeds from growing. This can significantly reduce weed duties, allowing you to spend less time on routine maintenance. Additionally, it helps soil retain water, eliminating the need for regular watering.

There are four types of decorative mulches, namely hardwood, cypress, pine bark, cedar mulches, that you can use. They exist in different varieties and have distinct pros and cons. Consult your landscape designer about the best decorative mulch to use in your backyard.

10. Grow Dwarf Plants

Giant growing plants can easily fill up space if you have a small backyard. In place of giant plants, it’s an excellent idea to plant dwarf plants. These plants will make your yard look amazing and still leave you with enough space to put other plants, hardscapes, and decorations. Use plants that mature at approximately 1 foot, including pine, birch, and willow.

11. Look for Trailing Plants

In addition to dwarf plants, trailing plants are ideal for landscaping small backyards. Planting trailing plants in your backyard will add beauty while occupying the smallest space possible. You can have the trailing plants growing on the side of your planters or from the top of your walls. These plants will make use of tiny spaces and decorate your hard surfaces.

12. Plant Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are also significant in utilizing smaller spaces. Climbing plants provide height and privacy. They can also be trained to grow on fences, walls, trellis, or other plants. Morning glory, Virginia creeper, Wisteria, and Dutchman’s pipe are some of the climbing plants you can plant in your backyard. Give the plants a little help by tying them and supporting them to get good results.

13. Use Container Gardens

Incorporating container gardens can help you create a small backyard on a budget. Container gardens add functionality and versatility to a small space. Planting different plants and flowers on pots and tubs and strategically positioning them in your backyard will add appeal to your home.

You can put the container gardens on the ground and along your walkways or hang them on your windowsills or porch. A pair of matching container gardens on next to your gate or designer door will serve as a welcoming decoration for guests. Use colors that match your home exterior look to add color and ambiance to your outdoor space. Basil and thyme are some plants that thrive well in container gardens.

14. Add Texture with Decorative Gravel

If you are looking for how to landscape a small backyard on a budget, be sure to add texture to your yard by landscaping it with decorative gravel. Gravel is suitable for covering pathways, walkways, and driveways. You can also put them inside container gardens, around fire pits, or on the boundaries and edges of your garden and pathway. Decorative gravel will give your backyard a stunning look.

Gravel is available in many shapes, sizes, colors, allowing you to choose the ones that match your outdoor design and for hardscaping. Coordinating the gravel colors with your exterior or fence painting would be best. Common types of decorative gravel include river pebble, pea gravel, and crushed rock. Apart from enhancing visual appeal, gravel can provide drainage and has low maintenance needs.

15. Make Use of Hardscapes

Hardscapes are an important part of your landscape. Although you might not have enough space to add huge hardscapes in your yard, being creative can go a long way in beautifying your property. The best hardscapes to add to your yard include a birdbath, water fountain, or a decorative landscape rock because they don’t require large spaces. The presence of birds in your homecoming to relax in your birdbath or water fountain will render your home a more natural environment.

How to Stay on Budget During a Landscaping Project

A landscaping project doesn’t have to be expensive. Therefore, it’s wise to keep landscaping costs within your budget. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Repurpose Old Items

How to landscape a small backyard on a budget has been made easier by repurposing items. Old barrels, wheelbarrows, and tubs can be excellent garden containers for your plants. Have them painted with impressive colors and place them in strategic areas around your yard. You’ll only spend money designing the items because you already have them.

2. Channel Your Inner DIY Guru

DIY can provide you with the best solution for how to landscape a small backyard on a budget. DIYing eliminates labor, allowing you to save money. Shopping around also allows you to pay less on materials. Use your DIY skills to make container gardens, window boxes, hanging planters, and other things. DIYing will help you stay on budget.

3. Plant Low Maintenance Plants

Planting low-maintenance plants is a great way to save money on landscaping. Unlike high maintenance plants, low maintenance plants are easy to maintain and require little attention. Landscapers will charge you less money for maintaining low-maintenance plants in your backyard.

4. Install a Natural Fence

Instead of building fences using brick, wood, or metal sheets, it would be best to install fences with natural things. Trees, shrubbery, and flowering bushes are suitable for creating natural fences. They are beautiful and eco-friendly. Add decorative iron gates to complete your fence.

Other Tips for Landscaping a Small Piece

1. Grow an Edible Garden

Plants in your backyard don’t have to play decorative roles alone. A good alternative is to grow an edible garden. An edible garden will help you to save money on grocery bills. Grow plants that have relatively quick maturity rates like tomatoes and kales. You can use container gardens or set aside a small chunk of your land to grow edible plants.

2. Landscape with Furniture

You should be able to enjoy your landscape every chance you get. Arranging furniture in some parts of your property will add a beautiful touch to your backyard and provide you with a perfect chill spot. Choose the right furniture and design to enable you to relax or work while enjoying fresh in your outdoor spaces. The furniture’s color and design should blend with elements in your landscape.

3. Light Up Your Backyard

How to landscape a small backyard on a budget must include lighting the yard. Lighting will ensure curb appeal doesn’t go down with the sun. Put several lamps around your backyard to light it up at night. Lights will give your yard a revamped look during the night and help improve security.

Bottom Line

These tips explain how to landscape a small backyard on a budget. Contact a landscape designer near you today if you need help landscaping your small yard. Landscapers are experienced and will provide you with the best landscaping services.