What to Expect With Your Botox Injections

By | December 29, 2021

People get Botox injections for a variety of reasons, from reducing wrinkles to reducing migraines. University of California Irvine Health explains what to expect with Boitox injections, no matter what your reason is for getting them.

Botox is a nuerotoxin, which means it is dangerous if used improperly.

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It’s best to have only a certified doctor or cosmetic surgeon to give you the injections. Some places like UCI Health also use people who are in the process of being certified.

You should let your doctor or cosmetic surgeon know what medical conditions you have and what medications you are taking. You then go to a room for the injections. A numbing agent is applied, depending on where the injection site is, then the injections are given with a small needle. Usually, several injections need to be given in a session.

After the injections, an ice pack is given. You need to rest for a few minutes to be sure there are no sudden bad side effects. It is normal for the eyelids to droop if you have injections around your eyes. You should then be fine to leave and go about your normal day.

You usually need Botox injections every three to six months, depending on why you are getting them.