Summer Travel Plans Often Include Outdoor Adventures

By | June 14, 2018

Running with the cross country team.
Practicing the piano.
Babysitting the neighbor’s children.

Who would have known that these three activities that consumer so much of your 17 year old daughter’s summer for her graduation year would have served as a training ground for her high school graduation endeavor?
When your daughter announced that she and three of her friends wanted to buy some climbing gear and travel to Colorado for a week long hiking, climbing, and rafting trip you were initially skeptical. When the four graduates laid all of the details of the plans they had made, however, you were impressed. As for your daughter, the cross country training had her in excellent physical shape, the tedious piano practice had prepared her for the attention to detail that would be required of the rock climbing training, and the money from the babysitting would actually fund her trip.

Summer Vacations Create Lasting Memories

The months of June, July, and August are the times when many people take vacations. From graduation trips with friends to whole family vacations, summer memories are often some of the best. Whether you are planning for a paddle boarding for beginners class with old friends from high school or a rigorous adventure that will include the need for rock climbing gear, a number of people are booking outdoor adventures that combine both working out and relaxing. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, your new adventure gear can help you expand not only your horizons, but also your skills.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the adventure industry and the impact that it has on both individual travelers and the nation’s economy:

  • $1.8 billion is the yearly amount of consumer spending on camping equipment in the U.S.
  • 70% of all camping trips are taken with friends.
  • 67% of participants camped the most in 2012 in locations that were public campgrounds.
  • Including shoulders, chest, and back, the stress of firing a bow leads to proper muscle development in almost all muscle groups.
  • The American Heart Association has included rollerblading on the list of sports that enhance the cardiovascular system. This sport achieves that ranking by regulating blood circulation and heart rate.

Summer is just beginning, but if you want to make the most of your vacation time it is important to get your plans in place and your reservations made. From white water rafting to rock climbing, an adventure vacation can give you a chance to see the world from some very unique advantage points.