Do You Need an Actual Beach Towel For Swimming?

By | June 14, 2018

Do you enjoy spending time at the beach during the summer? Maybe you prefer a clean pool instead. Whichever spot you chose for summer relaxation, there’s no way around needing a towel of some sort to make your time more comfortable. The simplest way is to just order beach towels online and be done with it. Here are a few tips for buying beach towels online and in-store.

Bringing a Regular Bath Towel to a Public Venue Looks Sloppy.

Bath towel belong in the bathroom. They are not knitted together with the purpose of sustaining sand, dirt, and sun. Beach towels are equipped to handle rougher conditions. In fact, there are different types of beach towels to suit different activities. The trick is to know what your average behavior is like at the beach. If your activities are mixed, you have a few options.

Readers Rejoice! Choose a Larger, Thicker Towel to Lay Upon.

One study on the habits of beach-goers found that nearly 48% of people prefer to spend their time reading. At the beach, the soft sand makes it easier to get in a comfortable reading position. Still, good beach towels are a must if you tend to zone out for an hour or so reading. If you decide to order beach towels online, look for a large size that allows you to comfortably stretch out. Even if you spend more time at the pool then the beach, a larger towel laid out on a deck chair is more comfortable than a too-small one.

For All the Swimmers Out There, Find a Quick-Drying Towel.

Unlike the beach readers who need a cozy place to rest, the swimmer needs something different from their beach towel. Only about 13% of beach-goers spend some of their time exercising. Swimming is a great form of aerobic exercise. It can burn up to 800 calories in one hour because it requires a number of muscles to be used. A good towel for swimmers is one that dries quickly, such as one made of microfiber.

Here’s How to Take Good Care of Your Beach Towels.

Beach towels are often brightly colored, detailed affairs that serve as an accessory on the beach or at the pool. They need to be washed soon after use, as chlorine and salt water are damaging to fabrics. Remember to shake out any sand before throwing towels in the washing machine at home. Use a color-stay detergent, and wash in cold water.

If you plan to order beach towels online, don’t be afraid to do a little research. The benefit of shopping online of course is being able to price check across multiple sites. Another perk is being able to find designs that might not be available at your local stores. The downside of course is that you cannot actually feel the fabric before purchasing. Remember to not overthink it, as the only mistake would be to not buy one at all and rely instead on your bath towels.