Utilizing Blackhawk Hydraulic Nuts

By | December 23, 2021

When securing your mechanical equipment and infrastructure, you’ll need some heavy-duty hardware. The Youtube Channel, INTEGRA Technologies, offers a solution for the toughest industry demands: Blackhawk hydraulic nuts.

They take place on the bolt over the standard hex nut. Each nut is then connected to multiple hydraulic tubes, which are all powered by a single source. The pressure exerted provides maximum surface area across all the bolts.

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Each locking collar is then turned by hand for a tight seal. To finalize the process, the hydraulics are removed, and the holes are plugged.

To remove the nuts that Blackhawk Hydraulics provides, the process is done again except in reverse. The simplicity of both installation and removal ensures a safe environment for operators.

In comparison to the 10 hours required for hydraulic torque wrench installment, Blackhawk hydraulic nuts only need 2 hours total. Their bolt load accuracy is also significantly higher than other options available.

There will be no need for bolt and discovery work that could result in a turnaround schedule. Blackhawk hydraulic nuts are a good fit for any projects that require quick and efficient jobs. For those who need the best, Blackhawk Hydraulics has you covered.