Health From Head to Toe

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Everyone just wants to feel and look their best. For some people, that has to do with eating right and getting in plenty of exercise. For others, that might include a regimen of applying a specific brand of cosmetic products, or taking supplements. Some people might just need a day at the spa, and others find what they are looking for in a laser skin resurfacing center. Whatever your ideal treatment is to feel refreshed, it is important to be kind to yourself. Be sure that you are choosing a treatment that gives you the desired results because it is what you want, not because society or any particular person or group of people expects it of you.

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The Clueless Boyfriend’s $100 Gift Giving Guide

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Even if you’re lucky in love, it’s still possible to be horrible at gift giving. At any given moment of any given day a thousand boyfriends are watching their girlfriends open their birthday presents, slowly realizing that she hates the jewelry you bought her. Sure, she may be smiling.
Sure, her mouth might be saying, “Oh. I mean, it’s so pretty! No, I love it, no, it’s perfect.” But her eyes are saying, “I’m never, ever going to wear this.”
Simply put, even if your significant other is your best friend, buying a present for your girlfriend can be a minefield.
Fortunately, there is a better way. So don’t drop another $400 on a gorgeous pearl necklace that isn’t even close to being her style.
The Clueless Boyfriend’s Guide To Girlfriend Gift Giving
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How Promotional Items Get Your Brand Noticed

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While some might say blue jeans are the most iconic American fashion item, the truth is t-shirts are the great equalizer, worn by as much as 95% of the U.S population. In fact the T-shirt industry continues to grow, rising more than 24% between 2009 and 2014, with no slowdown in sight. T-shirts are more than just a practical fashion statement; they can also be good business for your business when used as promotional branding items.

Print T shirt shops offer a range of customized T-shirt options that can be used as promotional items or branding tools. Employees can wear branded customized T-shirts in social gatherings or at company events to increase the reach o Continue reading

Why Every Single Bride and Groom to be Should be Renting Specialty Linens for Their Big Day

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Everything is so expensive nowadays — like really, really, really expensive. Like, astronomically expensive. Like, so expensive you wish your turn up game wasn’t so strong last weekend (turn down for what — your finances, duh). Like, so expensive you have decide between buying a six pack of avocados and putting gas in your car. Like, so expensive you want to cry. Like, so expensive your student loan company practically owns your life for the next five decades. Like, so expensive that your debit card is beginning to feel like a gift card — you’re not sure how much is on it, but hey, give it a try anyway. Whatever the case may be, the point remains that modern day life is really expensive.

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What Every Bride and Groom to Be Should Know About Table and Chair Cover Rentals for Weddings

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When it comes to getting married and planning a wedding, the easiest part is saying those magical two words of confirmation in response to a proposal. The hardest part, on the other hand, is actually planning every single detail of the wedding day and ceremony itself. This in itself is a full time job! From deciding who’s going to be invited, who can and can’t sit next to each other, creating a theme, finding a venue, finding the right dress, choosing the bridal party, creating a budget, choosing the right location if it’s a destination wedding, finding a hair stylist and make up artist for the bride, to creating a menu, tasting wedding cake, finding a caterer, and so, so much more, it’s easy to see how brides and grooms to be can become overwhelmed.

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Is Cheap Clothing Encouraging You to Buy More Than You Really Need?

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A March 2016 article in the Huffington Post addressed a topic that falls close to the truth for many Americans. Why You Need to Stop Buying Cheap Clothes talks about the nearly insane amount of clothing that U.S. citizens buy every year. The article goes on to explain that the fast fashion trend of buying inexpensive clothing that often quickly goes out of fashion comes at a very high cost.
the cost is crowded landfills that are overflowing with the 12 million tons of clothing and textiles that Americans throw out every single year. Buying 10 pair of those flip flops that go one sale at your favorite retail store every Memorial weekend is fun, but the consequences are monumental. When retailers offer inexpensive clothing and have flash sales that drop the prices even lower on speci Continue reading

Ways You Can Protect Your Family from EMF

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There is research that shows exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) can cause health problems. For children aged eight to 17, a 2010 study determined that exposure to EMF for even the short term caused irritation, problems concentrating in school and headaches. Chronic EMF exposure was shown to be the cause of physiological stress in cells after only about a year and a half, according to a 2012 study. When compares to conventional heating, EMF can be harmful to cells even at levels that are much lower. Some research has shown that EMF is dangerous at levels that are only one billionth of what conventional heating needs to be harmful. More than ever, people should look to protection such as EMF shielding fabric.

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How Screen Printed T-Shirts Can Help Your Business Reach Consumers in New Ways

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Have you ever had something bad happen to you only for it to turn out to be a blessing in disguise? That’s what happened to a lot of people during the devastating fall out of the Great Recession, which happened during the height of the mid 2000s. Hundreds and thousands of hard working Americans that earned decent wages and held secure positions with companies for decades suddenly found themselves without jobs and facing foreclosure on their homes due to their inability to pay their mortgage.

But true to the ingenuity and resiliency of the American spirit, many Americans used this challenge as an opportunity to take charge of their life and their finances in a real way, but opening their own business ventures. Many of these business ventures started out as hobbies that were later monetized out of desp Continue reading