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Everyone just wants to feel and look their best. For some people, that has to do with eating right and getting in plenty of exercise. For others, that might include a regimen of applying a specific brand of cosmetic products, or taking supplements. Some people might just need a day at the spa, and others find what they are looking for in a laser skin resurfacing center. Whatever your ideal treatment is to feel refreshed, it is important to be kind to yourself. Be sure that you are choosing a treatment that gives you the desired results because it is what you want, not because society or any particular person or group of people expects it of you.

Choosing from a variety of services and treatments
Once you have made the decision to do a little pampering or to put in a little extra work for the sake of your energy levels or to boost your mood and confidence levels, the first thing you will need to do is to figure out exactly what kind of treatment you will want. There are numerous options, and educating yourself a bit on each option will help you to start narrowing down which will be the best fit for you. From laser skin resurfacing to a simple spa day and everything in between, each one offers something a little different.

  • Laser skin resurfacing
    Laser skin resurfacing is a type of photo rejuvenation, or a type of skin treatment that uses light to treat multiple conditions of the epidermis, to smooth out wrinkles and rough skin and to help balance the skin tone.
  • PRP injections
    A PRP injection, or a platelet rich plasma injection, is the process of taking some of an individual’s own blood that has a high content of platelets, and using it to help with the healing process of injured ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles. The growth and restoration that result help to repair the injury.
  • HGH therapy
    HGH, or human growth hormone, is used for genetic disorders affecting cell growth and regeneration. Some people will head to a HGH therapy center if they suspect that they have a deficiency of this hormone that is typically produced in the pituitary gland, or if their doctor has approved its use otherwise.
  • Estrogen or testosterone replacement therapy
    For some women with low estrogen levels, such as those going through menopause, hormone replacement therapy can help with a number of issues, from trouble sleeping to mood swings and hot flashes. Similarly, for men, testosterone replacement therapy can help improve low testosterone levels and thus boost energy, promote a better sense of wellbeing, and even help to increase muscle mass.
  • Hyaluronic acid treatments
    Hyaluronic acid is a type of molecular substance found spread throughout the epithelial, connective, and neural tissue in the body. It is often used in skin care treatments, as it is crucial to the skin healing process, and in one year there were over 1.8 million treatments of this type. These treatments can cost anywhere from $300 to $800.
  • Spa day
    Spending a day at the spa could be the thing that puts a little pep back in your step. A full massage or an invigorating natural facial would leave you with a feeling of being completely renewed and refreshed. In fact, over the course of just one year, the spa industry in the United States saw revenues reach about $15.5 billion, showing just how popular this option for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation really is.

Whatever you are looking to improve, whether it is your energy levels, mood, skin texture, or more, it is important to learn about the treatments and procedures available to you, and to check with your doctor to confirm that you are making a good choice.

The Clueless Boyfriend’s $100 Gift Giving Guide

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Even if you’re lucky in love, it’s still possible to be horrible at gift giving. At any given moment of any given day a thousand boyfriends are watching their girlfriends open their birthday presents, slowly realizing that she hates the jewelry you bought her. Sure, she may be smiling.
Sure, her mouth might be saying, “Oh. I mean, it’s so pretty! No, I love it, no, it’s perfect.” But her eyes are saying, “I’m never, ever going to wear this.”
Simply put, even if your significant other is your best friend, buying a present for your girlfriend can be a minefield.
Fortunately, there is a better way. So don’t drop another $400 on a gorgeous pearl necklace that isn’t even close to being her style.
The Clueless Boyfriend’s Guide To Girlfriend Gift Giving
First, never forget that buying a girl jewelry is a huge gamble. She probably loves you enough to pretend to like it, because after all, it’s the thought that counts. But do you really want to spend half a paycheck on a nice thought? Of course not.
Instead, think strategically. For both men and women, there are certain items that are worth investing, and these items tend to make great gift ideas. For instance, many men choose to invest in a few nice suits, a watch, and some fine leather goods, whether it’s a leather belt, wallet, or leather messenger bags for men. For women, these essentials are more likely to be things like shoes, clothing, handbags, and makeup.
Now, makeup isn’t something you want to give as a gift. Most women buy the same cosmetic items over and over, so there’s nothing special about buying her new concealer (and that will probably be taken the wrong way). However, there are certain accessories that every woman needs in her life. Specifically, almost every woman on earth has a clutch and tote bag in her closet.
So how do you turn these into a gift? Remember: clutches are the tiny purses without straps, so if you’re going that route, spend a little bit more on something nice. Also, don’t be afraid to buy a more interesting clutch that stands out. And when buying tote bags for women, you can’t ever go wrong with sleek leather totes.
Tote bags for women are often multipurpose accessories, and leather totes are ideal for travel, professional settings, or anywhere else. You can even fill up tote bags for women with a bunch of smaller gifts, which is both thoughtful and allows you to hedge your bets. Even better, you can find fun clutches and professional totes that are completely affordable.
Finally, and this is important, buy flowers. It’s never a bad idea to buy flowers. This is a great source for more.

How Promotional Items Get Your Brand Noticed

Screen printed tee shirts

While some might say blue jeans are the most iconic American fashion item, the truth is t-shirts are the great equalizer, worn by as much as 95% of the U.S population. In fact the T-shirt industry continues to grow, rising more than 24% between 2009 and 2014, with no slowdown in sight. T-shirts are more than just a practical fashion statement; they can also be good business for your business when used as promotional branding items.

Print T shirt shops offer a range of customized T-shirt options that can be used as promotional items or branding tools. Employees can wear branded customized T-shirts in social gatherings or at company events to increase the reach of your brand and customers can buy or be gifted such T-shirts to extend the brand reach beyond the story or company events. In 2011, U.S promotional products industry revenues rose to $18.5 billion, a jump of 4.4% and in the same year, commercial screen printing in America reached a reported $7.9 billion. In fact, wearables — including caps, t-shirts and jackets — were the biggest sellers in the promotional item category in 2012, representing close to 29% of total product sales. T-shirts make a good choice of promotional product since 90% of Americans would refuse to throw away at least one of their t-shirts because of sentimental attachments and more than 70% of American men and nearly 55% of women have more than 10 t-shirts in their closets.

Print T shirt shops also offer custom compressed t-shirts, meaning your promotional items can even be compressed into molds that better represent your brand. Imagine a custom compressed T-shirt with your car dealership logo on it compressed into the shape of a car or a custom promotional shirt molded to look like a guitar as part of your marketing for your new band. The possibilities are not just endless, they are also intriguing and exciting. Other options include custom promotional tote bags and custom promotional towels which can also keep your brand in the minds of customers long after they leave your store. Opting for customized promotional items put the choice in your hands, give you flexibility and the ability to stand out from competitors, and are often cost-effective ways to market your brand, product or service.

Why Every Single Bride and Groom to be Should be Renting Specialty Linens for Their Big Day

Tablecloth and chair cover rentals

Everything is so expensive nowadays — like really, really, really expensive. Like, astronomically expensive. Like, so expensive you wish your turn up game wasn’t so strong last weekend (turn down for what — your finances, duh). Like, so expensive you have decide between buying a six pack of avocados and putting gas in your car. Like, so expensive you want to cry. Like, so expensive your student loan company practically owns your life for the next five decades. Like, so expensive that your debit card is beginning to feel like a gift card — you’re not sure how much is on it, but hey, give it a try anyway. Whatever the case may be, the point remains that modern day life is really expensive.

And one of the most expensive aspects of modern day life is pulling of a wedding ceremony and reception. Even reading that last sentence can make you cringe in understanding and maybe even regret. From finding the right rock, to buying the perfect dress and having it tailored, to putting down a huge deposit for the best venue, to hair, make up, the tuxedo and everything and anything in between, it’s easy to see how and why weddings are so expensive and financially draining. According to recent wedding statistics, the average cost of a wedding in the United States sits pretty at a cool $26,444. But brides and grooms to be typically spend anywhere between $19,833 and $33,055! Keep in mind that these figures do not include the cost of a honeymoon.

The financial stress that comes with planning a wedding as well as the financial stress that can occur afterward once reality sets in can be extremely trying and difficult for a newly wedded couple. In fact, it can be downright depressing! As such, it’s important for brides and grooms to find ways to budget and reduce the cost of their nuptials in order to avoid any unnecessary financial stress and strife. After all, what’s the point of celebrating the union of two people only for occasion to be a stressful and draining experience? Always remember that there is no monetary value on love, and the amount of money you spend on a wedding has nothing to do with the amount of love between you and your partner.

How couples can save

Who says brides and grooms to be can throw a fabulous wedding ceremony and reception and still be frugal? There are plenty of ways that couples can save money on their wedding costs, from foregoing the diamond ring, to cooking instead of using a cater, to renting a wedding dress, and more. But perhaps one of the easiest — and most elegant — ways to save money on throwing an amazing wedding ceremony and reception is to take advantage of specialty linens.

Specialty linens such as wedding tablecloth rentals, chair cover rentals for an event such as a wedding, and other kinds of fabric rentals for weddings are super affordable way to decorate and enhance the beauty of any kind of venue without breaking the piggy bank or compromising on elegance, taste, style, or beauty. Specialty linens can be used in a variety of different ways to spruce up a venue — even if it’s just your mom’s backyard — to give off a luxurious or expensive feel without the hassle or stress of all that expense.

Other benefits of specialty linen rentals

Aside from being extremely cost effective, specialty linen rentals are also versatile in terms of texture, color, style, shape, length, and feel. This means that regardless of the venue or the budget of the bride and groom to be, there are linens available to fit within their needs. Money need not be a concern when it comes to creating a theme with specialty linens. They’re also a great way to transform ordinary folding chairs and tables into designer inspired centerpieces.

Last but not least, linen rentals are sustainable. Unlike paper, linen is washable and decreases the need for trees to be cut down.

What Every Bride and Groom to Be Should Know About Table and Chair Cover Rentals for Weddings

Where to rent table linens for weddings

When it comes to getting married and planning a wedding, the easiest part is saying those magical two words of confirmation in response to a proposal. The hardest part, on the other hand, is actually planning every single detail of the wedding day and ceremony itself. This in itself is a full time job! From deciding who’s going to be invited, who can and can’t sit next to each other, creating a theme, finding a venue, finding the right dress, choosing the bridal party, creating a budget, choosing the right location if it’s a destination wedding, finding a hair stylist and make up artist for the bride, to creating a menu, tasting wedding cake, finding a caterer, and so, so much more, it’s easy to see how brides and grooms to be can become overwhelmed.

One of the easiest and most effective ways that brides and grooms to be can clear some wedding day planning stress off their plate is to focus on the details and work their way up from there. After all, when it comes to planning a wedding day that goes off without a hitch, the devil is truly in the details. And one the most important details — and easiest to take care off — is rental linens for weddings.

Renting linens for a wedding reception or ceremony from reputable linen rental companies is a surefire way to guarantee a beautiful, well decorated, and elegant space to celebrate this momentous occasion. Regardless of the venue, fabric rentals for weddings are an easy, affordable, and versatile way to enhance the beauty of space in order to set the stage for the perfect wedding reception or ceremony. Rental linens come in a variety of forms including tablecloth rentals for weddings, chair cover rentals for weddings, draperies, tapestries, and more.

The benefits of table and chair cover rentals for weddings

Unlike cheap paper coverings, table and chair cover rentals for weddings are extremely environmentally friendly, responsible, and sustainable. They can be washed, pressed, and reused time and time again which in turn reduces the need for trees being cut down to meet paper demand needs. Choosing linen table and chair cover rentals for weddings also means you’re helping to reduce your carbon or environmental footprint by reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

In addition to being the environmentally sustainable choice, table and chair cover rentals are also extremely versatile in terms customizable options. The venue really doesn’t matter in terms of available options. The bride and groom to be can choose from a variety of options in order to create a look that’s in line with their vision. Table and chair cover rentals come in a variety of colors, shapes, fabric textures, and sizes to bring any wedding venue theme to life.

Not only are they extremely affordable, table and chair cover rentals are also hassle free in terms of clean up, removal, and accidents happening. Linen rental companies understand that accidents do and will happen and as a result, most linen rental contracts include this in the cost. That means a wine spill on a white table or chair cover isn’t that big of a deal at all. Furthermore, guests and the bride and groom themselves don’t have to worry about clean up or removal, as this cost is already included in the rental contract. That means the only thing the bride and groom have to worry about is enjoying their day!

Things to keep in mind when choosing table and chair cover rentals for weddings

First and foremost, brides and grooms to be should be clear on the theme they’d like to create. Doing so will make the process of choosing linen rentals easier and faster. This may require several trips to the venue as well as photographs in order to determine what will work best in the space. The amount of guests attending a wedding is also important in determining how many table and chair cover rentals for weddings will be needed. It’s really important to finalize this number!

Is Cheap Clothing Encouraging You to Buy More Than You Really Need?

Pick up clothing donations

A March 2016 article in the Huffington Post addressed a topic that falls close to the truth for many Americans. Why You Need to Stop Buying Cheap Clothes talks about the nearly insane amount of clothing that U.S. citizens buy every year. The article goes on to explain that the fast fashion trend of buying inexpensive clothing that often quickly goes out of fashion comes at a very high cost.
the cost is crowded landfills that are overflowing with the 12 million tons of clothing and textiles that Americans throw out every single year. Buying 10 pair of those flip flops that go one sale at your favorite retail store every Memorial weekend is fun, but the consequences are monumental. When retailers offer inexpensive clothing and have flash sales that drop the prices even lower on special days of the year, americans take the bait and do what we do best. Consume. The problem is those $10 flip flops do not last through the summer. Some do not even last through the month of June. And because these plastic shoes are so inexpensive, we think nothing of throwing them away when they break or go out of style.
What is, however, instead of buying 10 different pair of dollar flip flops we instead bought one $10 pair that was more carefully made. That single pair of sandals might last us through the summer. In fact, they might last period. They might be good enough, in fact, that we decide to donate them to our younger cousin who is going on a camping trip with her church youth group. One pair of shoes, two users, months, maybe years, of wear. Great idea, right?
Being a Responsible Consumer Is the First Step Toward Saving This Planet
While many people may have finally gotten to the point where they ask for paper bags instead of plastic at the local grocery store, fewer people approach the clothing we buy with the same eye toward the environment. Intrigued by the latest sale and in search of the latest bargain, many American consumers are guilty of buying more whenever they find a bargain. Stop reading this article for a moment and walk to your closet. How many unworn pieces of clothing and pairs of shoes do you have? How many items still have the price tags on reminding you of the great deal that you got? This, in a nutshell, is the problem with how today’s consumer works.
Decluttering Closets, Dressers, and Drawers Can Lead to a Simpler Life
Instead of following the trend and chasing down sale prices for items that we really do not need, what about going through our closets and keeping only what we wear. Take the gently used items that you do not wear and call one of the charities that pick up clothing donations and schedule a visit. For items that are truly unwearable because of stains or damage, find a local recycling company that accepts textile donations. In some cases, charities that pick up clothing donations will quickly sort out the items they receive and send the unwearable items to recycling, but even if they do not, someone in your city will take these items and recycle them.
Once your closet has been cleaned out, keep it that way. Enjoy the freedom you have of not having to sort through 20 shirts that you have never worn to find the one shirt that is your favorite. You will save time each and every day that you dress. This simple life that you have in your bedroom with your clothes may even be so addicting that you will find yourself decluttering other parts of your home as well.
Charities That Pick Up Clothing Donations Do More Than Just Distribute Wearable Items
Making the decision to call charities that pick up clothing donations is the first step in a long line of events that help our community, our economy, and our planet. The clothes donations that are picked up can be sorted and distributed to those in need. Next, the unusable fabrics can be sent to recycling. Along the way many people are employed to help with all of these processes. The textile recycling industry alone accounts for 17,000 american jobs.

Ways You Can Protect Your Family from EMF

Bioshield pendant

There is research that shows exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) can cause health problems. For children aged eight to 17, a 2010 study determined that exposure to EMF for even the short term caused irritation, problems concentrating in school and headaches. Chronic EMF exposure was shown to be the cause of physiological stress in cells after only about a year and a half, according to a 2012 study. When compares to conventional heating, EMF can be harmful to cells even at levels that are much lower. Some research has shown that EMF is dangerous at levels that are only one billionth of what conventional heating needs to be harmful. More than ever, people should look to protection such as EMF shielding fabric.

If you want to protect yourself and your family from EMF, there are some things you can absolutely do this. The first thing you need to do is work on your home. Most of us spend a lot of time in our homes so making these places as safe as possible from EMF is very important. Knowing where the EMF in your home is coming from is your first step. It is not coming primarily from outside your home but the devices we all love so much are more the cause. Wearing clothing with EMF shielding fabric is one thing you can do but you can also arm yourself with knowledge.

What kinds of EMF are in my home?

There are two different kinds of EMF in your home. You have radio frequency EMF. This is from radio communications that alternate quickly at speeds higher than one billion cycles per second. This is also called 1 Gigahertz (GHz).

Low frequency EMF is the main culprit in your home. It is generated by your home’s electrical wiring and your appliances. This EMF has cycles of between 50 and 60 times per second. This is also referred to as Hertz (Hz). These cycles are very slow.

  1. Learn how EMF penetrates your home. Low level EMF can penetrate both floors and walls. It can get through brick, wood, metal, concrete, pretty much anything. It is hard to block. Radio EMF can be blocked by almost anything. The only things that can block the low level EMF have been specifically designed to do so. EMF shielding fabric is made of a material that can block it.
  2. Low Level EMF does not travel far. Over any distance, EMF levels get weaker. Low level EMF diminishes over distance much quicker than radio EMF. Even several inches can provide protection from EMF that emanates from your electrical appliances, for instance. This does not work with radio EMF, it is used for communications because it travels so well. You need other protection from it beyond moving away from its source. EMF shielding fabric can help you here as well.
  3. Maintain your distance from your appliances. Experts recommend staying at least three feet from your appliances. This is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself from EMF. Now, you may not be able to stand that far away from your electric stove when you are cooking but remember, even a few inches matter so just try to stand as far from the appliance as you can. All of your appliances and devices that use power produce low level EMF. That includes computers, power tools, televisions, device chargers, etc. You should not assume that small devices produce less EMF, many produce more. Battery chargers, for instance, are some of the worst offenders. Your cell phone charger can do more damage than larger appliances. The best thing to do is just stay at least three feet from all of it when possible.
  4. Turn your devices off when you are not using them. This should be done anyway, not just for EMF safety. If you are not using your microwave (this is bad offender in terms of EMF), unplug it. Turn your wireless modem and router off at night. Whenever you are not using a device or appliance, just turn it off. This is good for your budget, the planet and protects you from EMF.

The EMF dangers are well known but so are ways in which you can protect yourself and your family.



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How Screen Printed T-Shirts Can Help Your Business Reach Consumers in New Ways

Customized apparel

Have you ever had something bad happen to you only for it to turn out to be a blessing in disguise? That’s what happened to a lot of people during the devastating fall out of the Great Recession, which happened during the height of the mid 2000s. Hundreds and thousands of hard working Americans that earned decent wages and held secure positions with companies for decades suddenly found themselves without jobs and facing foreclosure on their homes due to their inability to pay their mortgage.

But true to the ingenuity and resiliency of the American spirit, many Americans used this challenge as an opportunity to take charge of their life and their finances in a real way, but opening their own business ventures. Many of these business ventures started out as hobbies that were later monetized out of desperation. After all, once you hit rock bottom, there’s no one else to go but up and above! As such, many Americans that were out of work during the height of recession have now gone onto become owners and operators of highly lucrative and successful businesses. It’s easy to see then how their lives became easier and better in the long run not in spite of the Recession, but because of it.

The road to creating a successful business involves a bit of luck, bit of science, and a bit of common sense. By combining all three of these factors, potential business owners can create a highly successful venture, and a great way to begin doing so is to consider advertising and marketing techniques. Branding your business creates an identity for it and allows your customers to get up close and personal with your products, services, and who you are as a business. But it’s difficult if not nearly impossible to do this if your brand doesn’t have a clear vision or message, and that’s where custom apparel products come into play.

Although digital marketing and advertising are vital in terms of creating a brand identity, it’s important not to neglect good ol’ fashioned advertising and marketing techniques and principles. While having a mobile friendly and well designed website and search engine optimization are important aspects of digital marketing, making sure your efforts in reality match your digital effort is just as important. This helps to create a strong sense of brand recognition that makes it easy for your customers to connect with your brand among a sea of competitors.

Custom printed t-shirts, such as customized apparel and screen printed t-shirts, are an excellent way to increase brand reach and awareness. Businesses both large and small use screen printed t-shirts as means of reinforcing their digital markets. They’re a fun, easy, simple, and affordable way to advertise your business, market your products and services, and connect with your customers in a way that’s meaningful, authentic, and relevant.

Though screen printing and screen printed t-shirts have been around for quite sometime, there’s been a new found interest in the art of creating them. Between hipsters who are taking fashion statements into their own hands, to groups raising money for important causes, to businesses both large and small striving to make their mark, screen printed t-shirts are a great way to build excitement, engage customers, and have create a fun project for yourself!

You don’t have to be an award winning fashion designer in order to create a t-shirt that will appeal to your consumers. In fact, creating screen printed t-shirts is probably a lot easier than you think. Many companies that offer screen printed t-shirts also have expert graphic designers on their staff to help you with the design process and bring your creative ideas to life. As a general rule of thumb, the simpler the design, the better and more impact it will have on consumers.

In addition to keeping simplicity in mind, it’s important to also incorporate elements such as color, scale, shape and size. What is your goal in creating this t-shirt? Is it going to be edgy, or traditional? Is it meant to raise awareness or celebrate an event?
Regardless of the design you choose, have fun!