8 Good Reasons to Make Clothing Donations

People in the United States are very charitable. It has been found that every year, more than 95% of people around the country give to charity in one way or another. Not everyone has money they can donate. Many people want to volunteer but cannot because they just are too busy with work and taking care of their families. Most of us can do things like make clothing donations, which can do a lot of good for a lot of people.

  1. You help people who really need it. Retail clothing can be very expensive. Many families find themselves in trouble when it comes to buying clothing for their families. When you donate clothing to charity, you really are helping families in need. Often nonprofits take clothing donations and put them in their consignment shops. People can then buy those clothes for their families and be able to get what they need.
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The Art Of Cute Casual Fashion Five Useful Tips For Looking Cute This Season With Little Effort

Back to school season may be in full swing, but that’s no reason not to give your wardrobe a double-check. Mothers and daughters have a lot to look forward to as the year wraps up, so why not do it in style?

Winter hits this delicate balance between being cozy and being stylish. You want to make sure you’re properly bundled up to push back the cold, but you also don’t want to look like a dump! When a mother’s schedule is packed with errands and a student’s schedule filled to the brim with homework, it can be hard finding a good middleground. Fortunately, ‘cute casual’ is a style that will have you looking adorable with minimal effort. Combining ease with soft textures and fun logos, this is a type of fashion that’s being picked up more often in these busy days.

Try out these five fun and easy ideas for looking good during the busy week!

T-Shirt For Moms

You can’t go wrong with a simple t-shirt. These can be thrown over a pair of jea Continue reading

Ultra Rare Sea Glass Colors

Sea Glass Color Rarity

If you are looking for a sea glass bracelet, sea glass necklace, or any other type of sea glass jewelry, you may be wondering about the variety of colors that natural sea glass can come in. Some colors are more common, and others very rare.In this article I will be focusing on the rarest of the rare.

  1. Orange is the rarest type of sea glass you can find, this is because so few orange glass is made in the world. Orange sea glass colors most usually come from decorative art pieces, dining ware, or even thin red warning lights. Orange, given it’s rarity can fetch a pretty penny when fitted into sea glass bracelets, or other jewelry settings; however, owning such a rare piece can be worth the price paid for the beauty.
  2. Turquoise comes in as the second most rare type of sea glass color. The bright hue of turquoise can sometimes be easily mistaken for aqua colors, however it can be distingui Continue reading

Branded Apparel is Exactly What Your Company Needs

On average, consumers and people tend to be exposed to over a staggering 3,000 promotional items and ads each and every day. With this drastically high amount of overexposure to products and advertisements, to get your message out there you must truly strive to become and remain relevant. It is not a task that many people even try to approach, seeing as it is usually a costly and nearly pointless task to attempt. This bleak initial outlook does not leave the task as impossible though. There are plenty of ways, if you are willing to think a little bit outside of the box. The easiest — and cheapest — way to accomplish this is the do something memorable. A way branded apparel has remained such a cheap form of advertising is through the use of techniques such as screen printing. One such memorable option is found through the outlet of t shirt or bag design.

Any sort of clothing design is found to make a memorable impression really, just t shirt designs tend to be the fir Continue reading

Tips for Creating a Rustic Living Room

The rustic look is very popular these days and it’s obvious why. It’s a diverse look that can add warmth and flair to your home. It looks great on its own or mixed with sleeker home decor. However, if it’s not done right it can look campy or fake and ruin the look of your home rather than improve it.

If you want a lovely, rustic living room but aren’t sure where to start, take a look some of the tips below to get started.

What Does Rustic Style Entail?

There are certain signatures to the rustic look that you’ll want to include in your living room. Mixing and matching these different looks will help you create a beautiful and believable space.

You’ll want plenty of weathered and distressed objects. Rough edges look great, too. These worn-out signatures give a time-worn and country feel that adds a level of coziness. Soft leathers (like leather armchairs or a leather sofa), neutral and warm colors, and hand-stitched fabrics are great touches as well.

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6 Ideas that Make Great Gifts for Rock Climbing Enthusiasts

Shutting off the television and venturing outdoors is the best way to get up, get in shape and get healthy. Choosing a variety of outdoor activities is the best way to keep from getting bored, and having friends and loved ones support outdoor activities can ensure they are enjoyed even longer. While rock climbing may be a more extreme outdoor activity compared with beginner activities, but if you’re wanting to be supportive it can be hard to find gifts for those who enjoy this sport. Read below to find some tips and advice for great gifts.

Mountain Markers

Every outdoor person who likes to take part in rock climbing can benefit from these as a gift. Mountain markers are perfect rock climbing gear for that special person on your list that you are having a hard time finding a present for. These stickers are a great way to show off their skills, and reward themselves for speci Continue reading